How to stop being so indecisive?

I can never make a decision. Ever. Right now, I can't choose to go get a haircut or not. A fucking haircut! Why am I so afraid of getting a haircut? Why am I like this and how do I stop being so indecisive?

It's not just a haircut or change. Art least I don't think. It's everything. Whenever a choice is presented to me, I always go, "Eh, do I really need it? It would be a waste of time, right? What if something embarrassing happens? What if I fail?" Stuff like that always goes through my mind and I persuade myself into not doing something. How so I over come this?


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  • I have no idea. I am so indecisive myself and worse, so is my boyfriend. We are always asking each other what we should do on something and every time we tell each other "I don't know. What/Where do you want to (fill in the blank)." I force him to make the choice, haha. I can't make a decision for my life honestly.


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  • I used to be like that too.
    Like somebody else said, you're probably just afraid of change.
    I solved this by trying hard not to think so much about everything. I tell myself to "just do it" and it actually really works. Go with the flow, find out whatever happens next. Don't be afraid of change because it's the only constant thing in life.

  • sounds like you're afraid of change.

    take it one day at a time.

    • I need a moment.

      Let me get this straight; you've decided that this man is paralyzed by fear of change so greatly he cannot get a haircut?

      I can't.

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    • TO THE UPDATE: ever seen Yes man? or something like that of a movie. you act like you don't deserve the things that are given to you. I'm the same way, I always say "there's no point for me to buy this-I don't deserve it anyway"... try to say yes to certain things.

    • I think you might be right. I do kinda hate myself. I'll try.

  • It's ok, I'm like this too. Change freaks me out!


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  • nuff with the bs, grow a pair and get a haircut man. or do whatever you want. be determined, girls love that.

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