What is the purpose of following people on here?

People follow me on here but dont comment on any of my questions or PM me so what is the point of following me?


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  • Something about a user interests you. Easier to remember which users you think make the best posts. Easier to reach their profile. Messaging doesn't have to be a requirement.
    People have hundreds if not thousands of friends on Facebook and they communicate with very few of them. Similar here.


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  • Maybe it's because you're still new.

    Some of my followers answer my questions or comment on my takes, and many also message me.
    I try to do the same.

    Just wait newbie, they will get to you lol


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  • To be able to see what you are posting and look at those things. It does not mean that they will find them all interesting.

  • Some people see it as a popularity thing so they go following everyone hoping the person they follow will follow back.
    Others follow and try to solicit for nudes or personal contact info by flirting with them a bunch to get their trust.
    I only follow one person because they always post really good takes and questions and when someone you follow posts stuff like that it lets you know.


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