How can you detect a lie if the conversation is online?

Disclude images, face cams, and phone conversations. Is there a way to test a lie through the internet?
**This is a valuable life tip for my generation. Our lives revolve around the media, and danger is everywhere. Please give your opinion. I'm curious.**


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  • It's more difficult to detect peoples lies via the internet. I guess you need to be perceptive and use your gut , because intution feels what the eyes can't see.

    Sometimes you feel something isn't right , but you just can't explain what it is. You should never ignore those feelings. So what if you are wrong , because your own well-being and safety is most important.

    The internet is known to be used for a Psychopaths hunting ground , so you need to be so careful who you decide to let into your life. It would be naive not to be cautious. Don't disclose too much personal info about yourself either.


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  • "I always think everything could be a trap, which is why I am still alive"

    People can barely detect lies IRL, instead of thinking you can spot a lie just be smart and be safe, and don't take stupid risks. If something or someone seems too good to be true, be cautious.

    Don't however let being cynical make you into a distrusting or pessimistic person, always allow for the possibility that things could be on the level, even if you decide the risks mean that the situation is not for you.

    • I asked my question because I have really bad trust issues, and my judgment isn't as good as I wish it to be. What's if it's someone you've talked to for two years? How do you know if they're loyal, or if they're actually busy and aren't just lying because they don't want to speak to you?

    • If they make up an excuse that they're busy and can't talk, it doesn't really matter if that's a lie or not, don't tie your self in mental knots questioning loyalties over small stuff, especially not for people you've known for years.

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