Is this enough to move out?

I am single, no kids, no car (Do not want one) low bills, one cat and I am ready to get my own apartment. I make over minimum wage (I have two jobs) and I NEED my own apartment by the end of this year because I need to get away from my toxic family, especially my evil mother who keeps manipulating people in the house. I accept the fact that she will never change and she wants to see me fail. I am tired of being her doormat and used by her. I am ready for freedom and to build my own type of family. I have my eyes on an apartment where rent is 825 monthly. I am saving $8000-9000 for the total cost of my move in and I still plan to keep on saving once I am moved in. I don't need super lavish things, so spending won't be an issue for me. I live in CA. Anybody else save $8000-$9000 for an apartment and still surviving?


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  • Back when I was renting, I made sure I'd have enough, past the bond payment, to sustain myself for a year. If the rent is 825 per month then you should consider how much you make per month and how stable your positions are and most of all, how stable you are in the sense that will you be able to keep up with having two jobs? Brush up on your cooking skills, if that's necessary, because
    firstly, your mental well-being is controlled by diet a lot
    secondly, eating out regularly is hella expensive

    Also, monitor your spendings and be honest with yourself about your finances.

    Good luck

    • I don't plan to eat out that much. I will be cooking since I am ready to experience my own cooking skills. I have been on one of my jobs for 8 years and I make almost 2000 a month, sometimes more. I plan to slowly furnish my apartment

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    • The job I have been on for eight years is self employment, so I work for home. This is very secure. I am just picking up a part-time job to show extra financial security.

    • Thank you!

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  • Yes, you should move out.
    You are an adult child, living with your parents.
    It's about time.
    You sound extremely independent, and driven is a great thing.
    You deserve to live where you're happy.
    Breathe in air, that doesn't drain you.
    I know what it feels like to live in a poisonous environment, I did so for 24 years!

    • Thank you very much hun!!! I felt like your answer was very sincere and truthful. I needed to hear it. Your absolutely right. It's very time and I am ready. I feel in it my bones. I am working extra hours to make my move faster. I am tired some days but I know it's going to be worth it sipping wine in my own place. Thank you :-)

    • To be clear it is my sister's and her fiance's house. They are getting married in May. They do not pressure me but I know they are wondering when I will be leaving but the MAIN issue is my mother. It's getting worse with her. I don't understand. Maybe I never will but she has something against me. I tried many times to talk to her but she just says I am too sensitive. I gave up trying to have a relationship with her. She makes me feel like the outcast on purpose. She is never happy when I accomplish something but she praises my older sister and tries to turn my little sister against me (That won't happen because my little sister loves me dearly) I supported her through everything, even when she got cancer but she still treats me like sh*t. I no longer buy her anything like I use to because she is just using me. There is no love. Although this has been a VERY tough, sad, lonely, and hurtful experience with her (Going on 6 years now) I am thankful because it has made me stronger.

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