Would people here welcome experienceproject. com members who may be joining here as the site is closing down in a few days?

There are many youngsters there who are looking out for an alternative site. Thanks in advance.


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  • What a goddamn shame. EP was such a great concept. Hopefully someone else will create something similar.


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  • I'm sure they would be most welcome. We have a published set of rules that are designed to keep underage people safe and to keep this a happy, smooth-running web site.

    • I can see you have been here for some while and most likely already know, but there is a system of moderation in operation. There are moderators, signified by the letter "m" to the left of the username. The letter "s" means super-moderator and "u" is uber-moderator. There are also admins signified by the letter "a".

    • many of them dont know about this site.

    • I was met with such hostility there, I'm not so sure that many would fit in here.

  • Whatever they can do what they want, I really don't give a shit.