Create your own Fear Factor stunts?

If you could create an episode of Fear Factor, what would the stunts be?

For me, the first stunt would be crosssing a very narrow beam over a large spinning fan. Of course, you'd have a harness that prevents you from falling into the fan. Person who crosses the fastest advances.

The second stunt would be getting into a dryer and being in it while it spins. Person who stays in the longest advances.

The third stunt would be driving an ATV through many exploding barrels. Person who goes the quickest wins the $50,000.


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  • I would just take all the eating challenges from the show & use that as the three challenges because they eat some nasty stuff. Or the ones where they have to sit in like a bath tub & bugs are poured on them. I'd rather do three stunts than deal with what I listed above.


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  • just do any of the trials from saw.