What should I do about the peer evaluations?

They are coming up for one of my projects. Technically, NONE of them have done any kind of real work.

But I know it will be suspicious if I rate all of them less and give myself high marks.

Also, they will likely plot to score me as lower than I deserve because they know that if 4 of them do it, majority usually wins.

How do I handle this? I can provide more description if needed.


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  • you don't rate your own work in a peer review

    • unless you're saying that you're assuming you will get high marks and they will for sure get low marks.

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    • I am doing super well in the course and I do care

    • care about your work effort, but don't care about their suspicion, they're just any other student.

  • Just answer the ratings honestly, the teacher or supervisor needs to know the truth. Why would u let someone skate by with high marks when they didn't do shit?


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