How do I get my crush's kik?

I find it hard to look for this question or steps similar to it. I found few of them saying to trick them or come up with excuses. I know my crush has a phone because I seen it slip out of her boot one time. And I'm for sure she has a kik because some jackass in my class tried to be funny by asking her who was on her kik picture. I want to text her since the only time I see her is 2nd period and that's it. I really want to text her, but afraid to ask. I came up with one excuse, it could work but not fully.


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  • Hmmm... Have you talked to her before, or have you been admiring her from afar?

    Anyhow, I highly don't recommend that you trick her... any dishonesty could ruin your chances. So, just say hi, and ask if she could help you with something, like homework. And then ask for her Kik to keep in touch. What was your plan, if you don't mind me asking?

    • My plan was to ask help with math since she's one of three Honors kids in my class. But, I'm actually good at math and was planning on asking her for kik.

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    • Thanks 😌 but how do I force myself to ask her? I almost done it but got scared

    • Search up videos that say "You can do it!" Lol, you don't have to do that.
      But just tell yourself that you can do this and believe in yourself. I know you can do this. :)

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  • SO... What's your KIK?


  • Just ask "can I get yo kik"


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