On a scale from 1 to 10 how shitty of a person is she for not wanting to know me/have a relationship/friendship because I suffer from depression?

Especially when I was trying really hard to be a more of a positive person because of her and I was making great progress.

Last thing she said that sent me off the deepend was that she "didn't have time for my emotional bullshit" when a friend of mine died.

Oh yeah, we don't talk anymore but she was a big factor of me falling apart after everything that happened (I'm still putting back together the pieces).

  • 1&2 not shitty
  • 3&4
  • 5&6
  • 7&8
  • 9&10 a floating turd
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  • Everyone has their own problems.
    Maybe she has problems she hasn't even told you about?

    Obviously she doesn't appreciate emotional burdening of other people with your own personal problems.
    And obviously she wasn't a real, solid friend - if she was, she would've stayed - if you hadn't burdened her with depressing news and behavior too often. Since I don't know the specifics, I can't really say, but all I can say is I understand both sides and don't judge either.

    • If you only met this person recently - I understand her completely. And I'm going to have to side with her. No one is really that sacrificial of a person as to suffer with someone who's a complete stranger to them just so they could say they did it.

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    • Then it makes sense.

    • Thank you =)

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  • Not shitty.
    Just because you have depression doesn't mean you are entitled to a relationship with someone.

    • Yeah I understand that and I was okay with being friends because I was undecided and wasn't prepared when she threw herself at me... But the way she backed out was just fucking mean and spiteful.

      Also she had a secret boyfriend I didn't know about that she cheated on with me (I wasn't aware that she had one when everything went down - I ended up finding out way later).

    • Yeah, I understand how that can hurt.
      Well if she's a cheater, I don't know why you'd wanna date her anyway haha. Seems like a bad person to me. If she cheated with you, she will most likely cheat on you (maybe).
      I've been on anti-depressants for close to two years now. There are plenty of people out there who will date you regardless of depression or not. She seems to be a little intolerant and rude.

    • Yeah you're right, There's no reason for me to have this question open - I don't need validation to confirm how I feel towards her or perpetuate it.


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  • You fail to realize something, it seems. Relationships are about give and take. If you are a depressed mess, you have little to give. Nope. Shut up. You have little to give, and you're probably a pain in the ass. I know, because I'm the same. Be what you are and accept it or change what you are. Don't bitch about people not giving you everything you want. Either you go out and get it, or shut the fuck up. That's not how life works. You are entitled to nothing. No one owes you a damn thing. Earn what you want or take it. Don't sit there and bitch that someone didn't give it to you. That is how life works. You either win, or you lose.

  • Was she your girlfriend? Did she make any commitments to you? If not, how is she responsible for you falling apart? Did she actively torment or belittle you? Her comment was very rude; what brought that on? Did she volunteer it out of the blue or was a reaction to something you said or did?

  • Not shitty. Sorry, but she has every right to go after the person she likes and feel attracted to.

  • its best not to base your general happiness on external factors... especially if those external factors involve other people

  • Being a friend 8-10 very shitty
    Being a girlfriend, 1 not shitty

  • You are acting like a little pansy. It's good that she called you out on it so you can recognize that and work on it. You need to man up plain and simple. What you are doing right now complaining about how girls don't appreciate your 'feeelings' and shit would be very off putting to any female.