What do you think of girls 25 years+ 5 foot tall that weigh around 121-126 pounds?

I know many people can look different and weigh the same, but on average most do look the same. So not talking about specific bodies but in general, is this amount of weight on a 5 foot girl normally on chubbier, fatter, normal or ok bodies?

Do you find yourself more attracted to girls who weigh less than this, more than this or around this weight?

Would she she be more or less attractive if she lost weight? ( on the average body of a girl of that height )

  • I think that's fat (probably wouldn't be attracted to this)
  • I think that's chubby
  • I think that's normal
  • I think it's perfect
  • I think it's ok, but Would look better if she lost 8 or 10 pounds
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My goal is to lose 10-12 pounds. Because I still think I look more fat than fit or normal. I don't want to look skinny I like fit bodies, but I'm asking because this is about the 5th person (AT ThE GYM) who tell me if I lose more weight, that I'm NOT going to look "good".

I few others told me I was going to disappear soon. Another told me to just stop and shaking their head with a disappointed expression. I just smiled but it's bothering me now. I don't want to look skinny.
But don't want to look chubby or fat either.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I mean, you should just do you.

    As for the people saying you'll disappear -- Are they male?
    If so, I think that is their awkward attempt to compliment you (= "you look great the way you are now").

    If they are yr girlfriends, then... well, SOME girlfriend groups can do that shit sometimes. Like, kinda try to pull everyone back to the average.
    If you've ever read the short story "Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut, then, that's the idea I've seen with some groups of girlfriends -- heaven forbid any of them should be more than 1-2 sizes off the others, or anything like that. LOL
    Not my friends, luckily.

    If they are just random females, then, tbh, that's just weird, and I wouldn't expect that sort of thing at all. Unless they are random females who are in obviously worse shape than you already, in which case it's just the damn green jealousy monster.


    In any case -- You do you.
    You will not disappear, LOL. One of my best girlfriends is between 5'0" and 5'1", she's given birth to 2 children, and she still weighs about 90 pounds soaking wet.
    She is very naturally slim (she's a beautiful mix of Vietnamese + Thai + Chinese + a little bit of white mutt), but, my point stands, that you will not be in any danger of accidentally washing down the bathtub drain.


What Guys Said 5

  • I guess that's ok depends on how she wears her weight.

  • unless a gymnast, thats chubby, but what is more disconcerting is that such women often become little butterballs after kids or 20 years.

  • I think it matters far more what a woman thinks of her own body than my opinions of it.

    A woman who doesn't like her body, is not comfortable in her own skin, and isn't comfortable with others seeing, touching and sharing her body is never sexy.

    A woman who loves her body and is proud and eager to offer it as a gift to her lover is very hot, regardless of what the scale says.

  • a woman that is 5ft should be ideally 95 to 105 pounds


What Girls Said 3

  • I'm pretty close to you in terms of weight, and I'm 5'0, too. I believe that's still in the normal BMI range, but losing a little bit of weight wouldn't hurt. Good luck with the weight loss!

  • 5' and 126 is chubby
    5' and 121 is a bit chubby but fine

  • it sounds chubby, i weigh less and am 5 inches taller

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