Do You Think This Mother Is Overreacting?

A friend of mine is a smoker of marijuana. A week ago, his mother found his rolling papers in his pocket. Well, let's say that she wasn't very happy. In fact, she was quite enraged about the fact he does smoke.

In result of him smoking, his mother is forcing him to quit. I can understand why she would want him to since he is not eighteen, but he will be within the next month. However, she had taken it a step further. She is also forcing him to take random drug tests out through the next few months. If the tests do not come back clean, she is threatening to kick him out. As well, she is also threatening that he won't be able to see his family once he is kicked out of the house. His mother was even going to give him the house they currently lived in once he was eighteen, but now that she knows he smokes, she not going too. Hell, she even giving her own son the 'silent treatment.' Is it just me, or do you think she is taking it a bit too far?


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  • she's making sure her son does the right thing. proper parenting


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  • Not in the slightest. Her house, her rules. If she doesn't want drugs in her house then she's allowed to make that call and do what she must to enforce that.


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  • I think the drug tests are too far, but not making him quit. I'm not really strongly opinionated when it comes to weed but I think it's perfectly reasonable for her to make him quit if she wants to

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