Does anyone else confuse things like the NCAA and NAACP all the time?

I just figured out there was a difference between them today. I am not proud of that fact. Also, I might have slight dyslexia.

Come on, there are a lot of similar letters in these. I'm not THAT crazy...


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  • i have never got them confused

    • Damn, I'm in my own little boat of confusion on this one

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    • you don't really need background, but jordan cry face basically became a thing in his retirement speech. it's basically become a meme where you photoshop it on people whenever they lose or get sad. so north carolina just lost and his face is on the front dude. the kicker is the actual michael jordan is right behind him :D

      this is my pic

    • Oh those are good!

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  • Well... I'm not even sure if I know what either of those are. Is it like, a sports league or something? NCAA. I don't know if I have seen NAACP before.

    Mostly I just felt compelled to comment because of your username. It's as if it's sneakily answering your own question.


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