Would Americans Actually vote Obama into office a third time if it were an option?

Obama was catastrophically bad for the USA, politically and especially economically. He put bushes debt to shame by managing to beat bushes entire 2 terms of debt in 6 months. predicted to add 12 trillion alone when he finishes or even more. some would say he started ISIS.

It seems like he was voted in simply because of how he sounds not what he does


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  • With our choices now, yeah!


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  • He started ISIS? Wow... you really don't know anything about foreign politics.

    Obama DECREASED the national deficit drastically. The fact that the debt still increased is not his fault. Considering Bush created a multi-trillion deficit at the end of his term (after Clinton left with a balanced budget 8 years before), it would have afforded magic to somehow not only illeminate the deficit completely but in fact create a positive balance. The fact that Obama cut Bush's deficit drastically is already quite amazing. When Bush left office, the US was losing 800,000 jobs every single month.
    Maybe you should inform yourself a bit first before asking such questions.

    • Okay, Obama did some good. But he did not decrease the deficit. Go check your facts hard. The debt increased more than it ever did under bush. Only change Obama made is that some years weren't AS big as other years.

      Don't just spout out what you've heard. Research that fact for yourself. Look up the value of the dollar each year since 2000. Calculate how much the debt increased that year based on that amount. Anyone and everyone can do this. The debt increased way way way more under Obama than bush.

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    • @rjroy3 I wonder if you even understand the difference between deficit and debt.
      Go to 2:30 in the video.
      When Bush left office, the national deficit was at 1.4 trillion dollars. The national deficit as of today is 483 billion dollars. This means Obama took ONE TRILLION dollars OFF the deficit during his presidency.
      So please don't get all rude when you're the one spouting lies and not checking your facts.

      Also let's not forget that Bush is responsible for two "formidable" wars on the US credit card, which together cost roughly 6 trillion dollars.

      And finally about the jobs: I know republicans love to lie or forget about this but the 2008 financial crisis fell into Bush's presidency. Had he (and Clinton before him) not deregulated the markets, this could have never happened.

    • Fair point. I did mean debt when I said deficit. The deficit is decreasing after the recession, but the debt is still increasing.

      And it's not a lie. The parameters of what is considered jobless has changed. You can look that up. Obama hasn't recovered any. He just stopped counting certain people in the calculations.

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  • Think the USA would implode with another right winged candidate, so yes you should if it were possible to vote him in again. The problem that Obama has been having is that he's trying to make the USA a better place, but having to deal with all of Bush's shit. Bush ruined your country, and these are the after effects. It's not Obama's fault that all of these terrorist groups are out and about, this is probably their most active time in the last 50 years. The USA has a huge military, and everyone knows it. That's why everyone calls for their help. And if you do t help, then relations get ruined.

    For the sake of the USA, vote Hilary or Bernie, anybody else would just fracture your society again.

  • Fuck No.

    You have to wonder how things got so bad that people openly accept Trump as the answer. Obama is at the core of the problem. And because of that he'd lose to the candidates anyways

  • He hasn't declared mass war or done anything particularly stupid. But who am I but a simple carpet merchant?

  • I think as an outsider that he would make a big chance yes