Do drugs create an intimacy with us and the environment?

This may seem like a weird question but I was wondering, do you guys think drugs (acid etcerera) create an intimacy... a closness between us and the environment around us whatever that environment may be? Like does it make you feel closer and connected to the world around you that you'd see the environment around you in a different and deeper way which creates closness like a connection of soughts like a differnet relationship? Sorry this may sound weird as shit, I'm in a weird thinking space, been thinking about the different kinds of intimacy and if someone on drugs feels more intimate with the environment. Hope this makes sense. I haven't takan drugs so I wouldn't know.

Haha thanks in advance for all the questions y'all


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  • lol yuck, that's a terrible way to put it.
    i seriously doubt people high on drugs give a shit about the environment =/


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  • Drugs can certainly make you THINK you have special insight. That's because the feeling of insight is a chemical released in your brain which can be stimulated artificially by drugs in the absence of any actual insight.

    The most ordinary example would be something like thinking you can sing when you are drunk.

    • I'm talking about that connection experienced in the high not the connection experienced after the high. Like do we feel more intimate with the environment on drugs or does it stay the same.

    • And I'm saying there is no actual heightened connection or awareness, only the illusion of one. This can of course have a kind of placebo effect, making the user think he has achieved something can give him the confidence to actually achieve it is some cases but the drugs don't really do it.