GAG story time! Complete a story starting with:Once upon a time_______?

Come up with a good story, best one from each gender gets MHG

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  • Once upon time there was a beautiful apple tree on top of grass hill that faced a small town where a Queen lived. She control the apples and the people. One day after waking up from her slumber she looked outside of her window and spotted an apple tree. But she never noticed before. The tree seem to have a golden apple or yellow. So she called her solider to take her outside of town and she got on a horse and rode as fast as she could to see this apple. When she got there the apple was gone. She told her solider to look and they searched and they searched and nothing. It was gone. She stood slight up and said I want my golden apple NOW! And the soldiers were not allowed back in to the village until they found it. So after 5 days look for it. The queen harshly gave up! Day after day she would look out at the apple tree trying to spot the golden apple but she gave up. Until one day she saw it again the golden apple so she went on her horse but this time alone. When she got there she saw the apple. It was high up. So she climb up holding onto the tree and carefully try to reach it. And than she pulled and the golden apple transformed into a man. His eyes were golden and his hair curled soft brown in the sunlight he look like an angel. The Queen full of pride and disbelieve and said" Young man announce yourself!!" She commanded. The man bowed under her dictatorship and said my beloved queen I am your Husband. She was mortified and refuse to believe that the apple she pick was her husband. "NONSENSE" she yelled! "I will not have my kindgom run by a man! I am a Queen!" But the man calmly said look into her eyes, " I am the king of your heart... the one who will put your heart at ease" "I have waited for you all my life and I don't want to overthrow you I want your love and affection" The Queen silently turn to her horse and said come on! She gave him a home to live in. And he build his own garden and worked on the land. He kept trying to b

    • he kept trying to convince that his love was true! He would yell outside her castle..."Queen I am a Noble Man! I am your and you are mines. The Queen came out obiviously angry!" LEAVE MY HOUSE AT ONCE!" Let me ask you one thing before I leave! "Do you know why I am in love with you?" The Queen went quite and she remember a king before and how he took over and broke her. She would never let her self be taken away by soft lip and passionate longings. She yelled "NO! LEAVE NOW!" He said "I love you because you built all this "as he lift his arms to show her castle and town. "You built this on your own" Your beauty is how you hold yourself up and how you created things beautiful out of nothing. Yet you failed to realize that you are wonderful unique! She yelled more upset than before, "NO I AM JUST Ordinary! He said, "so am I! " And he left and everyday he work on the land and at night would yell at the queen and ask for her love. He tried to talk to her all the times.

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    • @vishna If you say so! hahah! (:

    • @vekin Thank you! lol

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  • Once upon a time, In a world once torn to shreds by it's previous owners is now a nearly inhabitable planet thousands of years later. Only two portions of land has been officially labeled as safe to live, the first is Lyndile. Roughly 1/4 the size of the world, this land is home to many different species who live together in fear of what lies beyond the border. The second place is much smaller, known only as Spire, It lies on the opposite end of the world from Lyndile. Since this worlds destruction thousands of years ago, physics and reality has since been changed giving new light to different phenomena that can be found in The Untamed. The rest of the earth that is labeled as unsafe to live. This world is where our story begins, as a new prophecy is foretold.

    "The Trial will begin, the time of peace at its end, chaos will rain and reason will fly, The two will strike, falling together towards the throne, if you wish yourself to win, then kill these two that you don't know, and take back what was stolen long ago." The crystal ball shined as the last words whispered out into the air of the empty room. The only one to hear was someone draped in cloth, the face was unable to be seen even in the light. The name of this person was only "Prophet" and as the prophecy finished, Prophet rushed out of the room.

    "Eklies? there was a..." Prophet stood in the doorway of a large and dark room. The only light came from the monitors a figure stood in front of. "What is all this?"

    "Oh, nothing really. Just a project to kill some time, you want something?" Eklies turned, this person was wearing a remodeled knights helmet, forged to be almost like a spear and a robe that draped over the entire body.

    "ah! Yes, i have received a new prophecy." Said Prophet stepping into the dark room and repeating the prophecy to Eklies.

    "So that bitch of a queen will die, and the trial for the throne will begin again like so many years ago. But who are these two of "Chaos and Reason"? The way the prophecy says it, they sound like actual beings who i must defeat to win." Eklies stood for a moment, thinking.

    "I would not know, but all of this will begin soon. we must be prepared." Prophet said, stepping closer to Eklies who was now working on the monitors again.

    "Or it has already begun." Eklies stated.

    • "AAAAAAHHHHH" a figure screamed in the sky as he fell to his certain death from being thrown out of a plane.

      Another figure not too far away flew through the air using his invention that allowed him to escape his hell.

      The two collided and shot down towards the earth, passing by trees but hitting every branch. When they finally crashed on the edge of a cliff, both figures moved. The first figure was excited that he had not died, the other was tired and yawned. The cliff buckled and shook from the sudden crash landing it had received. The cliff broke away from the rest of the land and fell. The first figure screamed and held onto the grass for dear life, the second slowly fell asleep, almost noticeable Z's came from him. They reached the bottom of the steep incline and crashed through yet another set of trees, bouncing, spinning and flying through the forest before the edge of the cliff suddenly halted, flinging the two riders forward into an open field.

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    • "It's the trial to become the ruler of the world where you race... somewhere... and win!" Fred said ecstatically raising his arms.
      "Let me elaborate, The Rulers Trial is a competition in where groups of at least 2 and at most 4 race the other groups around the world to the Spire. Once you reach Spire, it is said that you are gifted with immense power and there fore become ruler of the world until the day you die and the Trial begins again." Mary explained.
      "I said like, the same exact thing." Fred said. Mary only rolled her eyes.
      "I have heard of Spire, and this trial does sound interesting." Ted said, he looked over at Fred who was trying to mimic Mary in rolling his eyes. He was failing. "Fred, want to give it a try? Two Zanotes should have no problem going around the world."
      "... What? Are you kidding me? HELL NO! I'm not going to go die in The Untamed for no reason!" Fred yelled.
      "You get super powers though." Ted said.
      "... What? Are you kidding me? HELL YES!" Fred yelled.

    • alright, i think for today im done. i have to work tomorrow. if you want me to make more then just let me know and i will continue. Thanks for reading!

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  • Once up on a time, there was this heroine in the far future. She, along with other people here age were stuck in a futuristic school prison. Nobody was ever aloud to leave the place until they reached the age of 18. One day the heroine had an escape plan but decided not to tell any of her friends, for she didn't want to risk them getting in trouble if they knew. One night she put her plan into action but ended up caught, beaten, and dragged to the wardens office. While in the office the warden ended up making a deal with the girl, if she could escape the prison alive then everyone would be set free. So she had until sunrise to make it out and alive. The second the girl stepped out side of the office the escape game began. Though she did not know the warden would send out someone to go and kill her. The heroine made her way to the sewers under the school for the fastest way out, when suddenly she was shot at. She turned around and saw the assassin who was shooting plasma balls from their hands.(people in this have this ability if they aren't inside and above ground in the prison) The cat and mouse game had finally begun. Will the heroine ever make it out alive? Who knows I woke up before finding out. :D

    • Oh that was really good!

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    • Oh, this is a dream you had? I didn't know we could draw from our own dream memories. Though, I'm not sure which of mine would have made the best entry:

      - The Meowing Cobra killed with a flamethrower after stalking a family in an old farm house?

      - Micky Mouse and Donald Duck murdering each other?

      - Waking up in a dorm during a zombie apocalypse, over and over and over again?

      - Being chased by hyenas / jackals?

      - The seal statue and the drowning boy?

      - My sister turning into a hornet with rabbit ears and trying to sting everyone, but dying on the sofa?

      - The "Shape of the Dime" music video dream? (Singer looked vaguely like Rick Astley.)

      Yours sounds like Hunger Games meets RWBY. Most of mine sound like throwaway ideas for a Goosebumps book. (And I never even liked that series!)

    • @ObscuredBeyond He never said we couldn't, lol. Though I did a crappy job of explaining the dream. I'm not that great at writing stuff. :( I was going to write about this other dream I had were I was stuck in a half sunken temple ruin and having to fight off a massive snake with water up to my waist.

      "The seal statue and the drowning boy," Sounds more interesting.

  • in a land far in the past, lived a girl who would shape the future. Her family was was large but poor, and they loved each other fiercely. Miri was the smallest, she had long dark hair, wide brown eyes, and was quick on her feet. Her family called her squirrel. She would climb the thorn trees which had taken over her homeland to gather the skyberries they bore. Because of the danger involved to get them and their addicting taste, Miri provided for her family by risking her life, but she never ate one.
    The adventure starts as Miri begins the walk to the thorn forest. On the same path was most powerful man in the country. He was looking for a wife.
    Ormen was young for his position, his father had died a year earlier, consumed by a wasting disease. The riches his father acquired, and all the riches ever acquired by his forefathers was given to him, and with it came their responsibilities. One of those was to find a wife worthy of prestige they created. Chiefly, she had to be beautiful.
    For this reason, families for centuries offered their daughters to Ormen's family, rich or poor, the fairest won. Through this system, the family valued women less and less.

    • @vishna
      Miri began a life of prostitution slowly but surely walking the road to being used up entirely by every man in the world. It was in fact her dream after all, she was going to beat snooky in all matter of contests of hookerdom, banging a million men is no small task, she took her time as countless suitors lined up outside her residence eager to help her on her quest. But soon after 25 she developed a mild case of TB and died.
      The end.
      ^^story for the kids of the 1950's

    • @OrdinaryGentleman lol stop XD Miri isn't done yet, I need to finish her story. I already know the big stuff, I just got tired of typing.

  • Once upon a time, I met a wonderful lady. She showered me with gifts and gave me whatever I wanted. I wasn't used to receiving such gifts, even on my birthday, my mother never allowed. My father was no better, ignoring my existence. But this wonderful lady was something more, something different. Toys and treats and amazing foods to eat. Little did I know, there was also lies and deceit.

    But that was once upon a time, long ago, years before I lay in my own coffin, despite what they say... love isn't an open door.

    *random writings* 🖊💩

  • Once upon a time, there was a female thief living at the Holy Forest. She was very poor and that was why she stole to make ends meet. (Duh.) One pitch black night, she came out of the forest and managed to get into a house with tall walls. That was the only house that stood on the top of the hill. She was notified by her iPhone6 that the owner of the house would be out. Astonished by the size of the swimming pool, she took off her single piece clothes and jumped into the pool naked. She was very relaxed and decided to idle awhile. She dozed off. Then, came a man in black, sneakily tiptoed towards the pool. It was the owner of the house! Apparently, false information was given by her iPhone6! He took her clothes and threw away. The thief was awake and noticed the man. Frantically she came out of the pool and decided to run away. However, the man was quick enough to bring her into the house. "Vanessa, are you still going to avoid me, after so long?" She remained silent, faced away from him, handcuffed, tied up on a chair. "Please talk to me, I miss you terribly," said the man in low tone. Vanessa started weeping and said, "you promised you will be back, for 10 years you didn't. The promise that we made when we were 8, doesn't that still apply?" "But we were still young, do you really want us to stay at the forest forever? The loggers are destroying our home! And i want to give you better life," Vanessa teared and closed her eyes. "Yes, it could be safer to stay in your big house, but what about the animals? Our animal friends did not deserve to be treated like that," The man hugged her tightly, and said, "alright, i will release you, we will find a way to stop the people from logging. And you must promise me to stay with me. by the way stop wearing your singlet that has holes everywhere. I just threw it away. I"ll buy you new clothes and you can wear my T shirt first," The man kissed her and they finally had sex for the first time!!! XD HAHAHHAA THE END

  • Once upon a time I got drunk" Oh wait, that's all the time. 😝.

    Sorry I didn't want to write a novel out lol.

  • Once upon a time, Nicole's bro named nickolas was herobrine "it was so funny and weird" she said she went into the basement there was herobrine he's eyes opened with a flash of white light. Nicole slammed the door on he's face laughing hesterocally. She then went to go outside but there was herobrine! He splattered on the window seeping in the cracks between the doors! Nicole later woke up the next morning thinkin about "the dream" then told her friends and family laughing non-stop THE END

    • I should tell u he just had bare skin when splattered on the window (NOTHING SHOWING JESUS 🙏🏼)

  • Once Upon a Time is a great show... ;)


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  • The Gerosha Chronicles in a nutshell: Once upon a time, a man in ancient Rome took upon himself a wife. Her father got mad, and sent an assassin after both. The man escaped, and got struck by red lightning and became the ruler of another planet. He gained followers, who colonized that world and a neighboring one. Centuries later, unethical science experiments ran amok. A war broke out, and the two worlds sent scientists to war for influence on Earth. In WWII, one faction tried to aid Japan and the other the US National Guard - but was thwarted by corrupt politicians. From the bad faction, now calling themselves the "Hebbleskins," came a supervillain dubbed "Molarity." The Phaelite Society of Earth countered with Anarteq, Arrowfrog, Centipede Charlie, and Becky Ryba. Only two of these heroes survived the war. The Hebbleskins and the Phaelite Society soon found themselves in an arms race for space power rubies with an old Anglican political death cult from American colonial times, dubbed the "Icy Finger." Chillingworth of The Scarlet Letter was a member of this cult.

    The Icy Finger's antics in 17th century Boston, combined with an unethical billionaire scientist's experiments with some of these forbidden rubies in 2012, brought the Gray Champion to the 21st century. In 1990, the Hebbleskins and Phaelites fought over Boonville. The Phaelites won, but the city was destroyed. Using the rediscovered treasure of the pirate Henry Lohtz, Stan Flippo (a former Phaelite experiment guinea pig) built Gerosha on Boonville's ruins. The PSE was renamed Security-Centric Alliance Lending and Learning Of Phaelites (SCALLOP.)

    As SCALLOP, the Hebbleskins, Halal Affadidah, and the Icy Finger stepped up their bids for world influence, new heroes and villains arrived as if off an assembly line.

    Stan's daughter Candi developed centipede powers. After a brief stay in juvie after being framed for a crime, she became Ciem and devoted her life to making suburbs safe again. Miriam, her sister, became Sniperbadger, a world-top hacker. They'd later join a league called the "Sodality of Gerosha," along with Navyrope, Gray Champion, Extirpon, Stung Hornet, Earwig, Emeraldon, Mukade, Pilltar, and others. Who each had their own adventures prior to Affadidah destroying 1/4 of America.

    Protecting the rest proved difficult, and the Sodality was disbanded by corrupt government officials and prosecutors after being in many wars. Their children, however, won the fight.

  • Once upon a time, there was these dude on GAG who asked a bunch of incompetent little souls to create a story using: Once upon a time. Then, this fat little obese monger named Maxemeister saw the post and jumped at it like a shark at a blood frenzy. He proceeded to type as many words in his character limit as possible. His main goal here was truly to become the antagonist of this story. While typing this story Max got hungry and got an apple out of the fridge. Then, Max realized he was indeed wearing braces. So he killed himself. Except he didn't, because only 567 of my 2,500 characters have been used up. So instead, Max decided that he would prepare a plot to overthrow his enemy that was closest to him: his sister. So, he proceeded to drop the apple in a vat of potassium-cyanide and then set it in front of her iPad. A tempting morsel, Max's sister had no choice but to eat it with her miserable, ghastly mouth. With delight, Max laughed as she choked on her own bile. Then, Max heard a noise and got startled, his heart racing. Then, he calmed down, as David Attenborough's voice filled the room. It was just the intense drum beating of the animal documentary: Life. A fox was chasing an Ibex up a gorge. But, Max ran into trouble, for as he typed this story, he grew into boredom, then realized he was actually writing about writing about the story, he was so bored. And if he reflected even moreso upon the acts of everything he did, then maybe, just maybe the character limit would get eaten up. Now, Max isn't even looking at the screen as he types this, for he is too interested in the TV. Animal documentaries are perhaps Max's one true weakness. That, and sleep. He started to doze off, as he always did, during Netflix binge episodes. Max sulked as he realized what he was doing was pathetic. He NEEDED an arch enemy. He had no armies to conquer. No heroes to terrorize. So, as his story ever closer drew to a close, he was hungry, thirsty, bored, sulking, and disappointed. Only 495 characters left, Max told himself. Perhaps he could beat this! Maybe? Maybe not. So, Max decided, there was no way he could ever drag the story ever onwards with only 325 characters left. It just could not be done. He had beaten this dead horse, for too long. So, listening to dolphins squealing as fish jumped into their mouths, Max accepted his fate in failing to reach the 2,500 character limit. Oh, if only he had the determination of a bottlenose dolphin. But now, he ends 1 character left

  • Once upon a time in the Appalachians there was a sixteen year old boy who was kidnapped from his parents at a young age and raised by his kidnappers. Now on his sixteenth birthday he was told what had happened.
    Now naturally he was angry so that night he took the hunting rifle mounted above the fireplace and shot the people who had raised them in their sleep.

    Now naturally he goes to seek out his birth parents but when he got there he found that they had gotten over the lose of their child and had three more children and furthermore he had nothing in common with them.
    So he set off out west to evade the police.

  • when people wore pajamas and lived life slow,
    When laws were stern and justice stood,
    And people were behavin' like they ought to good,
    There lived a lil' boy who was misled,
    By anotha lil' boy and this is what he said:
    "Me, Ya, Ty, we gonna make sum cash,
    robbin' old folks and makin' tha dash",
    They did the job, money came with ease,
    But one couldn't stop, it's like he had a disease,
    He robbed another and another and a sista and her brotha,
    Tried to rob a man who was a D. T. undercover,
    The cop grabbed his arm, he started acting erratic,
    he said "Keep still, boy, no need for static",
    Punched him in his belly and he gave him a slap,
    But little did he know the lil' boy was strapped,
    The kid pulled out a gun, he said "Why did ya hit me?",
    The barrel was set straight for the cop's kidney,
    The cop got scared, the kid, he starts to figure,
    "I'll do years if I pull this trigga",
    So he cold dashed and ran around the block,
    Cop radio's it to another lady cop,
    He ran by a tree, there he saw this sista,
    A shot for the head, he shot back but he missed her,
    Looked around good and from expectations,
    So he decided he'd head for the subway stations,
    She was coming and he made a left,
    He was runnin' top speed till he was outta breath,
    Knocked an old man down and swore he killed him,
    Then he made his move to an abandoned building,
    Ran up the stairs up to the top floor,
    Opened up the door there, guess who he saw?,
    Dave the dope fiend shootin' dope,
    Who don't know the meaning of water nor soap,
    He said "I need bullets, hurry up, run!"
    The dope fiend brought back a spanking shotgun,
    He went outside but there was cops all over,
    Then he dipped into a car, a stolen Nova (?),
    Raced up the block doing 83,
    Crashed into a tree near university,
    Escaped alive though the car was battered,
    Rat-a-tat-tatted and all the cops scattered,
    Ran out of bullets and still had static,
    Grabbed a pregnant lady and out the automatic,
    Pointed at her head and he said the gun was full o' lead,
    He told the cops "Back off or honey here's dead",
    Deep in his heart he knew he was wrong,
    So he let the lady go and he starts to run on,
    Sirens sounded, he seemed astounded,
    Before long the lil' boy got surrounded,
    He dropped the gun, so went the glory,
    And this is the way I must end this story,
    He was only seventeen, in a madman's dream,
    The cops shot the kid, I still hear him scream,

  • Once upon a time, a white guy, a black guy and a Jewish guy walked into a bar. The black guy said gimme a beer so the bartender got him a beer. The white guy said gimme two beers so the bartender got him two beers. Next the Jewish guy said gimme three beers. What did the bartender do?

  • Once upon a time I lit a fart, and accidentally set my sister ablaze. She died four days later of her injuries. I always think of how different the result might have been, had I thought to pee on her!

  • Once upon a time, there was a flatulent man who was fabulous... He had nothing better to do than spend more than a year on GaG. Over time he gained the title of The Great Wise Fart Guru then he became The Great Wise Master Fart and all those around him loved him... Then one day, the world around him came crashing down and he could no longer deal with life so he vanished without a trace... There were many rumors and speculations about why he vanished. Some say he left because he has better things to do, others say he left to pursue a wild girl, til this day the community is left in the dark... Until a man who was once also flatulent came out of no where into this community and restored all hope. This new ex-flatulent man's journey is just beginning...

  • There was this tall jacked athletic future NFL superstar

  • Once upon a time I tried to fly... it didn't end well apparently jumping off a hill does not grant you wings.

  • There was an ugly Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. They were so ugly that all of their supporters died. And Donald Trump won. The end.

  • once upon a time there was an ugly barnacle. he was so ugly that everyone died... the end!