Am I one of the guys?

I was telling a male friend that females dont take well to me but males do. His response was that it was easy for guys to like me. When he says this Should i feel like one of the guys or should i feel like a show stopper. Info i dress up when i feel like which is not often but like to hang out.


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  • I feel it a little bit of both. the guys just feel comfortable with you as a friend and for one or two guys more.

    • if it is more i would not know, never really got flirting cues

    • If they see you as one of the guys, they will never say anything but one or two have thought about it. The problem is most of them see you as a sister in feelings for you. if a guy goes out with you in a romantic way and hurts you he just made a lot of enemies. That's why it might seem like no one chases you. if there is someone you like I have a feeling you the one that is going to have do the chasing

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