How do you cope with social anxiety?

I just want to get a little better


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  • Best way to deal with it is just suck it up and rough it out. Quick story: Two years ago I arrived on campus at uni halfway through the year not knowing anyone and being unable to drink at parties because of a medical condition. Previously I had taken one and a half years off life (sitting around not doing much) dealing with said medical condition. At this point I was extremely introverted and didn't really have any friends.

    The best decision I have ever made in my life was going around and meeting everyone on college, at first it made me feel horrible, I would get sweats and be nervous as anything but I just pushed through it. Eventually the feeling goes away and you are a better person because of what you have been through. You don't have to rush into it, just take baby steps. Perhaps go to a library and find some and just try to have a conversation with them. When you feel those butterflies in your stomach just push through and continue on. Whats the worst that can happen? They don't want to talk to you and you just leave?

    If it makes you feel better I went from a nervous wreck depressed from my new medical condition to the vice president of the college I live on with everyone liking me just by forcing myself to make friends so there is hope you just have to put yourself out there.

    TLDR: Man up and just talk to people


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  • Taking Theatre classes is sure to help you get out of your social awkwardness and shyness.


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