Why is there a state named Kansas, another state named Arkansas but pronounced "Arkansaw" and a city named Kansas City which is in Missouri?

Why is there a state named Kansas, another state named Arkansas but pronounced "Arkansaw" and a city named Kansas City which is in Missouri?


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  • Because apparently this guy named all the states


    But I pronounce Arkansas just like it's written, but then again English is my third language.

    But you should ask why the feck Springfield is in so many states that no one really knows what state the Springfield from the tv shows is supposed to be in ;) ... but I think the creater of the show has divulged that info


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  • The state of Kansas is named after the Kansa indian tribe.
    The state of Arkansas takes its name from the Sioux language, and the word refers to the Quapaw Indians.
    Kansas City was founded in the 1830s at the confluence of the Missouri River and the Kansas River. Originally, it was simply named Kansas, but theKansas Territory was created in 1854, and the name was changed to Kansas City to distinguish the two.

    Portions of West Virginia are east of portions of West Virginia

    The following cities exist in the US:

    Wyoming, Minnesota
    Minnesota, California
    California, Georgia
    Georgia, Kansas
    Kansas, Vermont
    Vermont, Indiana
    Indiana, Pennsylvania
    Pennsylvania, Alabama
    Alabama, New York
    New York, Florida
    Florida, Ohio
    Ohio, Texas
    Texas, Maryland
    Maryland, Louisiana
    Louisiana, Missouri

    and Canadian County, Oklahoma.

  • Contrary to popular belief, it's not illegal to mispronounce Arkansas (though it is disrespectful)


    (page 3 of the link above)

    The pronunciation has been controversial for quite some time.

    Kansas City, MS and Kansas City, KS are adjoined. They are named for the river as per @OlderAndWiser

  • Because there are two Kansas Cities one in Kansas and one in Missouri.

    And here is why Arkansas is pronounced differently then Kansas.

    Also Kansas is obviously better ( biased because I live there )

  • With Arkansas, the last s is silent. Kansas City originally was in Kansas. But, when the terrain became harsh, the capital building was moved accross the river to Missouri. Kansas City spreads over two states.

  • Lol who knows. It is strange though.

  • because the people naming the states back in the day were on "medicinal drugs" and all liquored up


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