Girls, what's the perfect teenage guy? (15-16 years old)&!%"?


I just wanna be as perfect as possible when I enter high-school so I'm wondering what's the perfect guy in the first year of high school like? Height? Bodytype? Personality? Best clothes styles?

By the way I'm 15 right now. I'm 5'10 (Will probably be 5'11 when I enter high school this year).


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  • When you understand that perfect does not exist then you will stop trying to meet that unrealistic expectation.
    Just be yourself!
    Everyone's idea of "perfection" differs.
    This is why people have different types.

  • You can't tho
    I can tell you to do this so you would be perfect to ME, but that would you make imperfect to the other girl, so...
    The perfect teen is someone who's himself really


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