Best drunk moments?

What was the best (or worst) thing you did or that happened to you while you were drunk? I need to laugh a little. :)

Mine: Me and my brother were super drunk on this music festival and he decided to walk home because he said, and i quote: "I'm the only one who's still sober here and this is getting out of control, I'm going home".
He walked half an hour alone and passed out in front of our house and slept right on his own puke. A few hours later I went home with my friends (thinking he was already in bed) and found him there. When we woke him up he was smiling and saying random stuff I can't even remember. We still laugh hard at this whenever we remember it.


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  • I don't have any funny stories. I typically just end up getting super slutty and flirt with everybody and my bra always ends up off.

    • Damn haha, you need to be careful about that

    • Usually only party with friends so it's all goood

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  • stole a garden gnome when i was walking home and drunk AF


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  • went to a brothel and lost my virginity to a threesome with two really high end and hot hookers... yea, I've never been more drunk in my life and I hardly remember it, it's all such a blur.

    • holy ****, that must have been a true adventure xD

    • it was and they were so ridiculously hot (blondes with perfect bodies and gorgeous faces, both were 10s), I just wish I could remember more than 30seconds of it lol.

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