You know how they say our generation doesn't read?

Does that apply to people who work in these lucrative careers too, investment banking, medicine etc. to name a few.

I have a hard time accepting that they can read all those unbelievably painful readings in University, (let's be realistic, I've done all of mine but they're not fun to do), and don't read.

It just doesn't make sense.


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  • We just have the ability to store the libraries of the entire planet on something 6 inches across. I have about 500 different books of all genres on my tablet and I'm not a super avid reader by any means.

    The reason we dont need to read and assimilate information like the older generations is because we have Wikipedia/Google to instantly give us info about virtually any topic. Ask me any question about Shakespere and I can have an answer for you in seconds.

  • They say it, but it's utter bullshit. Your generation reads MORE than the older generation. It's just that you don't read the same things in the same way that's fooling people.

    • Hmm.

      Well that would make sense as our generation is technically more educated, but I do find your point interesting. Do you mean that we don't read the Shakespeare's/Jane Austen's and read more about stuff like, for example, books on the geopolitical events taking place around the globe.

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    • I agree, but the level of intellectual capacity needed to read a magazine and even the Internet is very different from an actual literary book.

      Ebooks as well, I don't know whether they're reading normal books online or more like just readings, (magazines, newspapers, trade literature etc.) on their e-readers

    • Well, I think that the same thing applies that has ALWAYS applied. Some people like "deep thoughts," some don't. Those that do, tend to read them, and those that don't, don't.

  • Our generation suck in general, not just reading.


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