Can you give examples of when someone tried to do something to you or say something to you out of jealousy?

This topic is now fascinating me based on personal experiences of mine.

All examples are appreciated


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  • my wife would get jealous and get angry every time i was nice to any other female. usually all it took was saying thank you to them

    • This is sort of creepy, but I remember one time I was standing next to my (blood-related) uncle for a photo. He is the only relative of mine who I feel comfortable around as he is good to children.

      My aunt (his wife) looked at us as though she noticed it and thought something of it, and for the very next photo she sorta like jumped to stand next to him. It was really weird.

      It pains me to think how gross and creepy her thought process is

    • She is justoverly jealous and insecure to think like that

    • Jealous of what? I actually don't understand, he's my uncle! Does she find even women who are related to him to be a threat, that's really messed up

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  • My older sister. She calls me piggy all the time. No matter what I wear.
    Another time is when she said my hair looked like a weave? My hair is very long, healthy and all natural. But I guess thats what sisters do.