How's this shot?

How's this shot? How did I do?
Can you guess the place?

GaG has resized the image and spoiled it.
I think I'll have to post a new Q and attach the actual images.
Also I took the pic with just a cellphone cam.


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  • The sky is very blown out.
    The colors are washed.
    No definitive subject.
    If the subject is the landscape in the background then it could stand to be a lot sharper.
    Overall its just another everyday snapshot...

    • GaG ruined the pic and I can't attach the original in the update.
      The actual pic is much better.

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  • It's a good shot. Looking at the vegetation and the road I am sure this is a shot from India.

    Where exactly I am not able to guess


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  • I can't tell if the sky is over exposed or if it's overcast (or both).

    If it's overcast it's extremely difficult to get a good picture. It causes the colors to be dull and pale with little contrast. Your eyes can compensate for the haze better than a camera does. So the picture will turn out more dull than you would see with your eyes.

    If it's a clear sky that's overexposed, that's because the light sensor is fooled by the darker foreground and brighter sky. The camera doesn't have enough dynamic range, meaning the camera can't properly expose the light and dark parts at the same time. If it exposes the foreground properly, then the sky will be washed out. If it exposes the sky properly, then the foreground will be too dark.

    Photography is all about light. You have to learn to think like a camera not like a human. You have to learn how the camera will respond to different lighting conditions. That takes practice, lots of it.

    You can somewhat compensate for both of the above issues by using filters. You can also play around with the exposure, cropping and point of aim.

  • Pretty cool looking.

  • Amsterdam

  • I have no idea.