Do you share family health issues on social media?

Lets say some family members are going through some health issues, and you post or announce the status of that person condition on FB for instances omething like "My XXX is having surgery in 4 hours, please I appreciate you pray for her" or " My father is at the hospital now because he is felt ill and he is going to be intervened, I ask you to pray for him" issues like that I mean.

Do you think those issues are not to be published on social media so everyone finds out in your family someone is having a health issue, or health issues need to be kept just among family and friends not to share it with everyone you know on FB so they can give you and you received hundreds of supports written by social media, by people commenting things like "I hope he/she is going to be fine", "Be positive", God will be with you", "Everything is going to be ok".

I ask this because I have seen people on FB publishing or announcing some things relating health issues maybe is me but I find noone has to know what my family is going through tha is something personal and if I want to share it with other people or friends, I simply call the person to let them know what my family is going through, even if on my FB contact list there are many friends, other relatives. Another reason is because some people simply do not like to announce these things on social media and kept it private.

Just minutes ago a friend announce on FB that his dad was at the hospital after having some kidney surgery that was almost deadly ( she mentioned that on FB) but now he is fine. And she said that issues like these that supposed to be kept private, she believes they dont have to be private as she learned that social media should become a mean to transmit positive messages so the world can be contagious. She posted that she apologizes for not announcing her dad health issue to other friends..

as her own father wanted to be that way and she only respected and apologize for keeping the people out of the loop and with anguish.


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  • It depends on the situation. I might explain the situation on social media but I wouldn't ask for thoughts/prayers/niceties as I find these relatively pointless.

    • Why you find those things relatively pointless?

    • While they are nice thoughts, it simply does not accomplish much. I think of the posts showing pictures of people and asking for likes/comments/shares for prayers and it achieves nothing. A comment on a post from someone I know will do a bit more, but it can't help anywhere near as much as a personal phone call would, for example.

  • No it just seems wrong to me

    • Well I jsut found out through social media that this friend dad had an operation, as my friend did not tell me directly or call me to tell me. I was browsing through FB and discovered her dad issue if I dont read FB I would have never found out anyway, but my friend is a reserved person most of the times she does not like to talk much about certain personal or family issues (health or not health related), when I found out things is through someone else, never directly from my friend, she does not share it with me, probably like I said is becuse it is a personal issue and she want it to keep it private like I said so it is understandable.

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