Why do fat girls or girls with lesser "assets" try to compensate for their looks with bad attitude?

I did a survey thing on tinder. I messaged 20 women with common "Hi how are you? You are really pretty BTW" line, I've been told I am fairly handsome and really have no problem in my social life.

I messaged 10 really attractive women and 7 of them messaged me back being really nice. I talked really long with 5 of them , They were complimenting me back and equally asking me questions back on my hobbies and stuff. I exchanged numbers with all 5 of them.

Then I messaged 10 unattractive women, only 3 messaged back. And one out of those 3 told me straight I am not her type which I admire and other one kept going two three messages and straight out asked me how tall am I lol I am 5'11 but when I asked her about how much she weigh, she stopped replying and third one asked me if I am going around using same line on every one on here and when I told her no I thought she was pretty in particular. She even replied that she already have a bf? Lol but she's still on tinder and that's none of my business doe. I was just doing a survey.

Why not so attractive women think they have to compensate with a bad attitude? They were mostly over weighed and lacking in other assets like Chest area or butt. I chose them particularly , I am last person to date someone on basis of all that but I am talking about their mentality. Why they feel like they should compensate with their not so good attitude? Is it because they hardly gets noticed in real life and they have built a self mechanism against that now? Do they think their attitude would prevent them from getting hurt?

Please do not try to "attack" me with stupid comments unless you have valid points and do not call me "asshole" because I asked a question on question answer site. Thanks


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  • Or maybe they suspected it was some asshole doing an "experiment" and responded accordingly.

    • Are you another one of them? Probably lol noone would think that if someone message them on tinder lol please feel free to leave if you can't put up points. thanks

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    • Reported.

    • I didn't call you an asshole.

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  • They probably get mocked frequently for their looks, getting frustrated. That frustration soon becomes envy of other women who are considered pretty or beautiful. And envy always brings a bad attitude along. Getting made fun of by men also sparks up anger towards them. If you are handsome, they probably thought you were too good to be true. It all comes down to frustration really.

    I know exactly what you mean because I know a few girls who act this way. The best thing you can do is feel sorry for them and don't bother them. But thankfully there are many unattractive girls who still manage to be very kind and good hearted.

    • I really feel sorry they feel this way, I've been picked on too but I don't feel like that because in end of day. Its only my opinions and goals that really matter to me

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    • I read your question before it had any replies, and I already knew that hate was coming haha

    • Lol yea Id eigther get hate or ignored which is not gonna help these kind of women in anyway. And some men on here don't help, They'd do anything for some sorta approval from women lol World have come to this. Ok thanks for understanding what I was really trying to do and not call me douche lol

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  • they probably sensed that you were playing and try and protect themselves from embarrassment.

    • How? I messaged all of them, None of attractive women sensed that lol. why would anyone sense it's experiment if they have profiles on tinder?

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    • Point me where I called you ugly "directly"? I never call anyone ugly. I said attractive Ness depends eye to eye

    • Lol sure I said you are one of those women that need help because you need help that's why all this and now you trying to sound like you are right lol and please again don't make me report you. Put up valid points and please do it without attacking me which isn't part of this in anyway

  • They probably think you're full of shit and just trying to get laid. You're aware that you look good to women, right? By the same token, women (and men) are well aware where they normally stand with an attractive person of the opposite sex.


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  • 10 is hardly a proper testing size.

    • I didn't wanted to bother many people since it was just social experiment.

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    • You may not use the term ugly, but you do say "fat girls with lesser assets". Most would consider that synonymous.

      But you are right, i was attacking you for sounding like a douche. I am sorry for that

    • Because I didn't knew proper appropriate words for them other than "fat" and "overweighed" I am not douche but I was trying to get at a point you people clearly missed. And it's ok

  • they make them selves feel better. I hate it when someone says no, and you aren't even trying to get with them. Im like (-_-), wut is dis.

    • I do not hate it, One girl that straight out ttold me I am not her type. I admire the honesty but I can tell others were kinda pissed that I messaged them lol..

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    • That's what I am trying to get to

    • Im talking about girls your not trying to get with.