If you find out your friend has a holodeck program of you, how would you feel?

Say you walked in to a holodeck program created by your friend and found out he or she had one of you which they used to enjoy their sexual fantasies?

How would you feel if?
1. You were a woman and you were both single. He's been enjoying the virtual you give him head and having wild passionate sex with him.
2. You were a woman (taken), he was single.
3. You were a guy (taken) and your female friend was single.
4. You were a guy (single) and your female friend was taken.
5 You were a guy (taken) and your female friend was taken.
6. You were a guy (single) and your female friend was single.
7. You were a woman and really innocent and you find he has the virtual you being very very dirty?

8. You were a woman (single) and your guy friend has a girlfriend and had virtual sex with you on the holodeck?

FOR EACH POINT, STATE yes or no and WHY?


What Girls Said 1

  • 1. Violated
    2. Violated
    7. Violated

    That's a sick thing to do.

    • 1. Would you not be flattered?
      2. If it's a fantasy of his?
      What about points 3 onward?

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    • Ok, first each numbered point is different, so why in each case?

      E. g. for 1, would you feel flattered and you're also single by the way
      2. You wouldn't think it cute and feel desired?
      7. Would you not think it hot if he is a sexual man?
      8. I forgot to put it, just added, what if he was taken and thought about you?

    • No thoughts?

What Guys Said 2

  • I'd be pretty suprised and probably just be kind of flattered.

    • Nice, for each point though pls explain?

    • I wouldn't be bothered if I was taken or not I'd just be like wow bit weird how we're friends but I just wouldn't tell my girlfriend.

  • I'd probably reconsider that friendship, if it really is one.

    • So you wouldn't be flattered?

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    • There's a big difference between a friend and a friend I'm attracted to. And that's not dependent on gender. If we're strictly speaking about friends, and that's friends I have no feelings for, then no.

    • LOL the whole point of this is a woman yuo are attracted to obviously.

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