Anyone ever have a shroom trip?

Simple question, as I’d like to try some myself someday

Oh yeah, tell me about the experience too please, my bad


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  • I dont touch drugs Is bad for your brain and I find drug users to be weak in character

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    • Ugh how is this MHO it's not helpful at all, it's ignorant

    • You are that man for sure

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  • Yes, it was great! It made everything seem extremely meaningful, and made me feel grateful for simply having the chance to be alive. I also couldn't stop talking about random things and thinking how interesting everything was.

    Have you tripped on anything else before? If so you'll probably love it! If not I would like to tell you something first... the entire world as you know could quite literally change. And I don't just mean it seems a little different, you will realize it actually IS totally different than you ever thought before. And that is scary if you aren't ready for it. So basically, you just have to be open to that, don't go into it thinking you know everything about life, have an open mind. And also remember while you're tripping that everything unusual you're feeling is caused by shrooms, even if it seems like your body is going crazy, it's temporary and not harmful.

    • Also it was the best anti-depressant I've ever had. I felt very positive at all times and had no anxiety at all for several days after.

    • So how you feel about everything right now, from your daily life to the meaning of what hatred truly is, has it altered you? Like, near-death experience altered?

    • Well I haven't had a near-death experience, but still yes I would say it's comparable to that. Depends on how much you take too. The longer it's been since the trip the less I notice... after many months I kinda settle back into the every day grind life. lol.

  • Yes, plenty of people have had mushroom experiences, but I am not one of them.

  • No i have only ever given the mushroom tip

  • I tried shrooms and not much happened. It was very disappointing!


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