How do I write shorter questions?

My questions tend to be long. I try to break things up so it does not look like a brick of text, and is easy to read, but I know most people just take one look at it, and close it rather than answer.

Same for many of my comments on other questions. I write big long things that go unread.

Does anyone else have trouble fitting their entire question (or answer) into 200 characters or less? And does anyone else get frustrated when they make long answers trying to be as helpful as possible, only to never have any sign their answer was ever read?


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  • Make sure you only include information that is relevant to your question or the question you are answering. Eliminate the fluffy stuff, for example "The other day I was browsing the Internet and I found a website that has some articles you might like to read." That whole sentence could be condensed to "I did a quick search and found a relevant website." Also, avoid run on sentences (a no-brainer, but I come across these all the time on GAG).

    The main thing here is to recognize what is fluff and what isn't, and then cut out the fluff. After years of marking essays in university as a TA, I've become pretty good at that. I came across so many essays that could have easily been a page or two shorter (or even more) because the student elaborated way too much.


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  • Just get to the point in your questions, no need to add the extra fluff.

  • include a TL;DR you'll be doing a good service to this website

    • that's probably a good idea.

      ... unless I type so much that I have no room left for a TL;DR lol

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