Should I be mad at him or no?

My boyfriend has been down lately with not being able to find a job etc and has not wanted to do anything with me or any of our friends. It sucks that I have not seen him in awhile because I miss him. Usually when I ask him he says he has been having a bad week etc and always apologizes for sucking etc. Im not going to get mad at that, but the past 2 weekends he has been with family. Yes 2 weeks ago was Easter ok, last weekend he went out to eat with his family. Our friend invited us to the casino he said no because of money and he sucks and then went to dinner with them and now tonight I asked what he was doing, I had class so would not see him anyway he said he was hanging out with his cousin. Yes, they are his family and I get sometimes you need your family around in these times but I am his girlfriend and miss him etc. Since he is feeling this way could he possibly be feeling like a loser or whatever since he apologizes etc. Should I be mad or no? One side of me says yes and the other says no. I bought him an Easter Present to a baseball game and have not yet even givem it to him since I haven't seen him. I wanted tod o something to get his mind off things. So should I be mad or what? Am I making a big deal out of this?


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  • I think you hurt a little when you miss someone . it must be hard on him too and a bit humbling to be unable to do the things he wants to with you as well. I hope you talk often and its positive those little things go a long way hugz I hope it helps

    • Thanks, yea I can image that too. I don't mind paying for things but he's a guy and maybe he has the inferiority complex that he wants to be able to provide etc. we do talk everyday, some days more than others and some days like once, but that's ok

    • Hang in there cute just be honest and open it always is the things you never say that you come to regret. Hugz

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  • Giving him the gift could be a start

    while I agree that you are his girlfriend and he shouldn't be selfish and forget you
    He is going through a rough time now and he could use support. Some people are particular about where they get their support and tend to lean more to family but that doesn't mean he doesn't love or trust you.

    Be patient and wait on him. He will talk when he is ready. Mean time, you could help him but keeping an ear out, see if you hear of any job vacancies even the temporary ones. I am lucky I have good friends who keep an ear out for me.

    • I always keep an ear out and send him openings that I think he will like. Sometimes I feel like giving them to him might make me seem pushy but in no way am I being that way. Last time I showed him a job he was grateful so I always look. You at right about the family thing. Some people are really close with family as he is so it might help him to see them etc. im hanging in there and being patient I just miss him

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    • Yeah, it is hard but I am patient even though some days I get mad if I hear that he goes out with his cousin or family and he won't with me or our friends. It's family so I shouldn't get mad but sometimes I do lol. It will get better eventually and I will be patient

    • @Asker, its only human. lol

  • No because it's his family, family is family. Maybe he just wants some space to discuss these matters with his family and he doesn't want other people, for instance, his friends to know all about this situation. I'm sure he doesn't have any problems with you. Just support him and help him out.

    • Very true, I know one of our mutual friends knows about what he's going through but he is a good friend so it's ok. Your right family is family, sometimes we need that. I shouldn't get mad I guess I was just thinking that I haven't seen him in awhile why is he going out with his cousin and not me.

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