How do I know that this call is Conference Call?

I got a call from one of my friend. and on that call she ask for another friend. i said many things bad about that friend. but she suddenly said very very god about that friend. That means that call is on conferance. and not me and she is talking. there is another person too who secretly hearing me.

So how do i know that the call is on conferance? Is there any way to know? Any app? to know that the call that you have recieved is a conferance call and many other party listing this call.


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  • maybe you were just on speaker phone?
    and when you are on conference calls... you can hear the other person... well... unless they mute themselves.

    • i can not see any sign. and another person is silent. so how can i know? is there any app? or any trick?

    • sadly no... just try not to talk crap about another person and it won't matter.

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