Do you think my life is good or terrible? Would you want to be like me?

Here is the summary of my life with cons and pros:

+ I'm a computer programmer who is working alone with just a PC and the internet connection, I'm 23 years old and I learned English after the age of 18. I sell my software to people from all the countries in the world, on the internet. And I'm making enough money to support my parents, eat, drink, buy clothes, travel, hang out, buy the things I want like technological tools etc. But ofc I am not a millionaire and money can't change 100% my life unless I make millions. But I think making money is the biggest advantage maybe the only advantage of my life.

+ I don't have to go to any school or job place after my highschool graduation (after the year: 2010).. That's both positive and negative. The positive side: I have lots of spare times and freedom. The negative side: you will see them below:

- I only have 3-4 alone and male friends who are very unsocial just like me. And we don't hang out that often.

- I have social anxiety disorder, I tried lots of things to overcome my anxiety like; visiting a therapist, joining the gym etc.. but they never fully worked. My anxiety feels like it will be always with me till I die. My highschool was like hell, and because of my anxiety I never wanted to go to any school or college or club after HS and I still can't get a regular job or join any place. I'm generally at my home and alone all the time. I never had a girlfriend in my life.

- I tried to have fun. I've been to the disco / club, vacation places, I tried to drink alcohol with my male friends in bars, I visited some massage parlours etc etc. Did lots of things in my life after the age of 20, but anxiety is still there and I'm not happy with my life.

What would you do if you were me? Do you have any life suggestions for me?

  • Yeah I would like to be like you, at least you tried and you have nice advantages in life...
  • No that's a pretty boring life. You have lots of things to get fixed with your life...
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  • Tbh, I think you have a lot of advantages in your life. Not having a wide social circle means not having as much people interfere with your potential and freedom. If I were you, I'd rather up those other few friends you have and come up with some sort of plan. Remember how mark zuckerberg had a partner to work on his project? You need one too. Think about what you could create with your skills. Come up with a plan, an idea that would SELL. Set up a savings account to save as much money as you can, and also, maybe you've got a depressing diet as well. Change to a Japanese diet or something. Think about the talents that the few people you know have, and think about how you could combine their talent with yours in order to create something exciting. Don't worry about social anxiety, just think about the future and what you already have and what skills you want to further develop. If you have to, then study business management as well, and get a workout machine that you can use at home. Any type of anxiety can be cured with exercise. Believe me, I had even worse social anxiety as well. So do some Pilates or some type of short workout before every meal, and stay hydrated.
    This is my advice to you, hope it helps, and please ignore whatever negative comments anyone has said. They're all a bunch of ordinary idiots and you're obviously not ordinary and neither was bill gates or mark zuckerberg. As long as you work on your goals and future, that will release further confidence and over time the social anxiety will disappear. You must not be trying hard enough and that's why your mind isn't satisfed with yourself and you are anxious.. Good luck with whatever you decide.


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  • Neither of these answers really fit. You do have a job that many here would love to have. You make your own work schedule and work at your own pace , all in all a good thing. The social interaction how ever is a different story. In my opinion the places that you have gone were much to crowded for someone with social anxieties. Try a smaller crowd until your confidence level improves then slowly work up to a place with larger crowds. It's not easy going from spending all your time alone to being in a large crowd. I am a pretty social person and big crowds often get on my nerves with so much noise


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  • It sounds like the anxiety is getting in the way of your life. Social anxiety is not incurable, perhaps the therapist you saw was relatively new or unskilled. Make the conscious effort to try and do one thing a day you're slightly uncomfortable with and gradually build up to going out in public places. It will become second nature if you stick with it for as long as it takes. As long as you're improving and challenging yourself, that is a life worth living in my opinion.

    • I agree , and like your approach. Baby sets until you can walk with confidence

  • I also have an anxiety disorder... I find it's difficult, but trying to enjoy the small blessings of life makes me appreciate things AND helps my anxiety.


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