What actor do you like and why?

This to me is interesting about David Tennant: He is of Scottish and Ulster-Scots descent BONUS!!! When he was about 3 or 4 years old, he decided to become an actor EXTRA BONUS, inspired by his love of Doctor Who (1963). Doctor Who is AWESOME!!!
And this is what I think is interesting about Ben Miller: he is a British comedian Haha!!, actor YES and director BONUS. He is THEE best known as one half of comedy double act Armstrong and Miller, with Alexander Armstrong. Miller and Armstrong wrote and starred in the Channel 4 sketch show Armstrong and Miller, as well as the BBC sketch show The Armstrong & Miller Show LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

  • Ben Miller?
  • David Tennant
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  • David Tennant! The best Dr Who ever. Great shame he quit. Great shame the writer at the time quit as well.

    • I know that David Tennant left but I didn't know the writer left.

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    • Thanks for MHG!

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  • I'll go with Ben Miller. I do like David Tennant but I think I enjoy watching Ben Miller more in Armstrong & Miller but also in Primeval :)

    • Hey did you watch or have watched Death in Paradise?

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    • I really like it! <3 Camille is badass and I love her and it's good to see Kris Marshall in something, I was so used to seeing a younger him in My Family.

    • I liked it too. Camille was I agree with you :) Kris Marshall IS AWESOME!!! Lol you have such an imagination lol (Good thing) I kinda like Élizabeth Bourgine

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  • David Tennant actually came from my town of Paisley. Gerard Butler is another one who puts us on the map.


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