I found out he's a liar the hard way and now I don't want anything to do with him. How do I tell him all that without sounding like a stalker?

We started talkin in JANRUARY. Late January. We had almost everything in common, it was great. But he never wanted a relationship. He said "we'll get to that point soon". Ok, whatever.
He was always on and off about things. One minuet he wanted to talk to me, the next he ignored me. It kind of evolved into him just coming to me whenever he was bored. I was pissed, and I kept wondering why he was doing that! I mean we had so much in common and we really hit it off and he kept "assuring" me that he does want it to work out between us, blah blah blah.
Well, weeks went by, he was my friend on Facebook, AND THEN HE DELETED ME! Why would he suddenly delete me? He did it so casually too, the very night he deleted me, he was still texting me and telling me how much I mean to him! Are you kidding me?
So obviously this guy is just playing games & I'm so furious I'm just over it. He never added me back on fb by the way. I even called him out on it and he's like "I didn't delete you".
So I went on my friends account to look at his page, and I noticed the same girl kept liking his pictures. So I went onto her page (yep, I got into stalking), and turns out, she dated him! Not a while ago, no. Just recently. They started dating in February, after him and I met. THAT'S probably why he was constantly ignoring me and constantly in and out the door! I'm just his second choice, his toy to play with when he's bored!!!
We talked all day yesterday, and then last night at like 7:00 he said he had to go because he had to "charge his phone" and he never texted back. We haven't talked at all today. And I garuntee you by tomorrow morning he's gonna text me, giving me another stupid excuse as to why he's been ignoring me.
But im done. It's so obvious he's playing games & I don't wanna make myself look even more stupid. So I'm gonna tell him I don't want anything to do with him. My question is: how do I explain why I don't want anything to do with him, without sounding crazy or like a stalker?


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  • just think about all that he's done, turn that pain into anger. he will most likely attempt to play with your emotions to keep you from ending things... you need a steel resolve... otherwise you. WILL. go. back.

  • He would be the stalker not you stalker means following someone without them knowing.


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