What sort of advice are you really tired of hearing from people?

One advice that I have been hearing from many people all my life is that "stop worrying about your problems when there are many people in this world who don't have, what you have."

We are told this to make us feel better about our situation, but in reality, many people don't give a crap about people who did not have the same privileges as they did. People cannot just look at other people's problems (even if they are worse off then them) and suddenly, their situation and worries are fixed.


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  • That would get irritating.

    And in essence, I'm with you in that I'm really tired of people giving advice that has no intention of helping. Or worse, the horrid trolls this site has.

    Not much can be done about those folks, but to stand as an example to their contrary.


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  • nah i think that's a legit piece of advice. the problem is the very thing you stated: that people dont give a crap. they NEED to give a crap.

    anyway, the one i hate is "if it's meant to be, it will be". still confused as to whether that's advice i actually want to take.

    • I will have to disagree with you there. The reason this advice doesn't work is because it's human nature to focus on your own problems, rather than looking at someone else's and feeling bad for them , and then feeling better about your own situation. You might feel better temporarily, but it just doesn't help fix your problem f

    • fair enough. i just find that in my own human nature, i can focus on my problems in relation to the larger scheme of things every single time i feel down.

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  • not to ask girls for anal
    I am tired of hearing it


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