If you could choose to be anywhere and doing anything you wanted to right now, where and what would you be doing?

Don't be afraid to get creative :p


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  • A billion stars. The crunch of skis/paws on snow. Panting of dogs. The uncertain/danger associated with traveling through a devoid expanse of deathly cold/pitch black. Wolves howling in the distance.

    - dog sledding on the Alaskan tundra.

    I got to mark that experience off my bucket list in 2012 and ever since, when ever I'm asked questions like this, I immediately return to that time and space in my mind.

    I desperately want to do it again but at the same time I fear a second experience would wreck what I hold to be a perfect memory- my only perfect memory... which isn't to mention the cost of three-days and two nights.


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