Read in Quran "it's I who has created living from non-living" nd vice versa, Example?

So now a days a lot lot of discoveries are being made according to Quran like Rotation of Sun nd many many more.

I was reciting when I came across "Its I who has created living from non living nd non living from living"

As a kid I studied few years ago the concept of abiogenesis be discarded due to experiments.

I've a a faith that everything in Quran is true. Very true. So I want to know if anyone has an example for it?

Is it about "Earth (non living) producing plants"? Or about abiogenesis? Nd what best examples you've for these creations described in the holy verse?


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  • So you believe in flying horses? I pity you. The Quran might have guessed some things but it is clearly wrong in others. Also, isn't the Quran a Bible rip off? Both are equally false anyways and you should not be basing your morals on a book writted many many years ago by ignorant savages who liked to abuse woman and kill people from other countries/faiths.

    • It's not horses. It's a horse "Buraq"
      Pity on you if you don't know that it was a miracle more than a common thing, Miracle like Jesus being born without a dad!
      It's about faith!
      I can tell 1000' s of discoveries made according to Quran are true. Showing its the righteous path!

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    • You like reading science articles? Well read 2,3 now here.
      If you didn't find the math or anything I'll surrender to your opinion. But first have a look.

      Yeah it's important for religion as well as all the science in this universe is actually based on it!

    • Do you even know history? I meant a bit?
      It took several years for Quran to reveal. Verse by verse in years.

      When some people said it's written by some human. Quran said. "If it's written by some human. Try making a verse by yourself"
      Nd you know what? No one in history could!

  • We came from the soil, we live on live soil, one day we return to the soil.