Should I be worried my mother brought a mad man to our house?

My mother opted to request a service from some religious guy who came to my house roughly 2 hours ago to read some holy words onto me which would supposedly remove any demons from my body. Now I never thought I was crazy to begin with but my mother keeps setting me up with these random fucking strangers. I have no idea who the fuck this guy is but he came into my house we chatted for a bit cause my mother forced to talk with him and so I made some conversation with this man. He was an elderly man more elderly than I. I am 20 and dude was like 50+. So anyways shortly after our talk he trys his methods on me so he walks over to me and starts rubbing my head saying he is loosing up my blood vessels and it will allow me to think better and also rid me of bad spirits along with some other bullshit. Anyways he rubs my head hard than says if I feel some pain that means it's working. Now he starts rubbing my face with both his hands and says that my jaw area is tense and that it's a problem. So he starts to rub harder and my mother and step-father is just standing there feeling proud and have a concerned look on there face. he rubbed my entire face. After he finished he claimed that he felt he removed some bad spirits. He said he couldn't be sure but it seamed that they were blackmagic. Then my mother started telling him my life story. She told him I was depressed and that I don't do much and that I'm no longer active. Than she followed up by thanking him so much for what he done. He claimed that with his work he has apparently healed people who couldn't walk and that he does exorcism (ridding people of evil spirits).

If you think that's weird he then asked to take a picture of me and through taking a pic he could somehow heal me. And that he wouldn't need to resort to other methods. He says it would be convenient and that he could help me remotely. My mother and step father was there throughout the entire thing.

(More of the story in the update)

Anyways He continues on to say how he has so much clients that he stays up in the night helping people and that his methods work consistently. And that he rids people of black magic and bad spirits. Anyways it was dinner time so we offered him some food and a drink and we ate and drank and after the event my mother proceeded to give him money. I realized as she was about to give him the money that it was covered in paper and that she looked hesitant to give him the money in front of me.
What that means I'm not sure but he accepted however much it was. We all talked with him for about 30 minutes later where he mentioned that the cause of arthritis and many forms of cancer was because of bad evil spirits. When all was said and done I was polite and thanked him. My mother suggested I walk him to the car and open his door for him. Before he left he said to call him if he sees any progression. Should I be worried? And what do y'all think I should I do?


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  • Ummm, what? This random old guy rubbed demonic spirits out of you?

    • Yep he pretty much started rubbing my head like really hard and It was just so weird. I felt so uncomfortable. My mother was enjoying it though and so was my step father. I was just lost for words.

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  • That's creepy as all hell.

  • wow! this is 2016 AD or 700 BC? heavenly dudes, demons, Satan, angels, witches, fan clubs of sky dudes... disgusting.

    • I didn't know what to do.

    • if you really are depressed , go to a psychologist. take your parents with you and tell that psychologist about this exorcism and he/she will educate your parents about the problems.

    • I'm frustrated and angry they laughed at me when I expressed my disappointment in them for bringing this lunatic to our house. They said it was for my own good and that since I stay in the house a lot this man came to fix my troubles. I didn't know what to say to them.

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