What are some facts about me?

Tell me and if I know you I'll try to tell you some facts about yourself.

Also, anon guys, this is your opportunity to throw as many shit as you want XD

@sweethomicidalqueen she loves to draw and she is great at writing <3


Most Helpful Guy

  • I know:

    Super simple and not complicated at all
    In love with @sweethomicidalqueen
    The procrastination Queen
    Apolitical most of the times
    Very evil when I get tired of your BS
    Lazy as fuuuuuck
    Not too intellectually stimulating
    Open minded
    Pro life
    Too perverted
    A potterhead
    A super dark humor lover
    An Aquarius
    A mexican from Cancun
    A bitch who tries too hard to be funny
    A liar
    A crazy ho'
    A basketball player
    A girl who likes to work out
    A girl who likes to have fun
    A smoker
    A drinker lol
    A music lover
    A future actress
    A porn addict
    A girl who loves fantasy
    A writer in process
    A stalker
    A weird person who gives a fuck
    A loving person
    A nice human being
    A vegan in process (nevermind, I love meat, I won't be a vegan lol)
    An egalitarian
    A girl who loves to read childish books
    A bad cooker
    A movie lover
    A girl who loves to curse, you fucking motherfucker
    A deist

    A girl that changes her mind all the time so I might be none of these

    • Blatantly cribbed from your profile!! :-o

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    • @asker Thanks! *blush red*

    • Thanks for MHG!

Most Helpful Girl

  • Mexican from Cancun
    You have a little sister
    You like languages
    You want to become an actress
    You are a daredevil, you tried bungee jumping and you want to try skydiving
    You sucked uncircumcised dees and you didn't like it hahaa
    You're dream is to sleep with a man from each country of the world
    You don't like studying

    • - tunisian hottie living in paris
      - you're taller than me, you're 5'5 or 5'7 I think
      - you have a little sister too, 2 years younger I think
      - straight and also virgin
      - you speak arabic, french, a bit of Spanish and English, you're a freaking polyglot!! I'm so jealous XD
      - you studied something science related and you changed it
      - you'd suck only if you love the guy, you're demisexual
      - I think you're also egalitarian but you're traditional and that's nice
      - you're sweet as fuck and very smart
      - you believe in true love and you're "only one person" kind of girl
      - you also procrastinate ;)

What Guys Said 38

  • I know you are a very young sexually curious virgin who lives in mexico. ;)

  • Let's begin...
    And skipping what others wrote about you...

    You want to make your body nice and muscular.
    You want to be a writer! But your mom suggested you can be a very good comedian.. I agree.
    You are experimenting your sexuality..
    One crazy girl!.. Who made me laugh with her questions and opinions until I lost my boners a lot of times, when I was on this site.. 👈😂🔫

    • hahahahahahahaha this is great!

      - you're a super nice guy
      - you like to help people
      - you give great advices
      - you have great writing skills :D

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    • 😝 you were right!. On all 4 points... I have been working on my writing skills...

      I ment you have a huge fan base here!.. How many people you will try to explore? And still you are doing pretty good with remembering things correct about almost.. everyone 👍😌

    • thanks a lot! <3

  • Often when you make a noise with your bum, you blame it on your dog!

  • I think you're very smart, you have cool sense of humor, and you definitely like to party ;)

    • - you have an amazing taste in music
      - you seem to support/like russians
      - you have a great taste in women, you like them fit as I do
      - I know where you live XD
      - you're friends with klaatu, you both like old electronic music

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    • that's different haha

    • Thanks, I'll take it as compliment :D

  • You're Mexican, bisexual and you'd like to learn Russian. Is it correct?

  • You're Mexican from Cancun

    You're a virgin

    You're knowledgeable about your cultures foods.


    Uuuuummmmmm I don't know lol.

    • 3. Wished I knew more :(

      - you like mexican food and you know stuff about it
      - you have a crush or something, I don't know, with this australian hottie :O <3
      - your genes are great because your cousin and you are good looking XD
      - I wanna bang your cousin who's in a band and has a girlfriend LOL

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    • Oh well, 30 is not that young, he looks very young tho. My parents got together when they were 23, well, my dad was 22. So yeah, I understand what you're talking about. In Mexico girls can leave their houses to serve a man around 12. My aunt left her house at 14.

      Yeah, freaking friendzone :( let's burn it! hahaa

    • Haha well 12 is a little young for my tastes. ( I get what your saying though )

      I'll grab the gasoline!

  • - funny
    - party beast
    - hasn't lost her innocence yet... because she never had it to begin with
    - open minded

  • i'm guessing you're a bit of an entertainment glutton?

    we can smell our own..

    • attention whore, you mean?

      meh, probably, but this was entertaining, I'm meeting people and remembering how much I love the members of this site

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    • oh. I made the term up. I don't think you would have found it with google :-P

    • that's the problem then.-.

  • I literally know nothing, sorry. Uhh your name is Amy... lol?

  • Mexican, bisexual, harry potter nerd, you love smoking and people who smoke, you have a massive crush on rupert Grint :P I could list some other stuff but I dunno if it's private or not :P

    • all true and I'm an open book XD

      - you're sweet as fuck
      - you thought about quitting in love... very early... and guess what? I was freaking right 8)
      - you're very smart and your grades prove it
      - English and straight
      - and you on't only have a soul, but a very kind one <3

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    • well that doesn't stop me :P as Oscar Wilde said "Forgive your enemies, nothing annoys them so much" :P

    • wise words XD

  • I knowwww... hmmmm... I know you like sex :P

  • 1. U are from the land of the people folk
    2. U r bisexual
    3. U change your mind a LOT
    4. You are only on here to molest small children
    5. Bunnies

    • 1. I'm an alien
      2. yup
      3. YYYEEAAAH
      4. Maybe >:)
      5. I prefer ears being up

      - you have lithuanian blood
      - you lived in antarctica
      - I love hamburgers but once you ate macaroni and cheese instead
      - you have a big butt i wanna see
      - you're very mature
      - you are kinda perverted but I think you have good self control

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    • I sk8 for snakes

  • I actually don't know that much about you lol.
    1. You're bisexual
    2. you're funny
    3. you like Mexican food
    4. I don't know lol you're cat had a lesbo experience once? lol

    • yeah, I did XD

      - you're hilarious and you make dumb questions that make me pee my pants
      - your mother is a great cook
      - you have a dark humor
      - you have an amazing laugh!

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    • Wow been such a long time I forgot lol now for 5 I am putting down good memory ^_^ lol.

    • hahaha I have a nice one sometimes lol

  • Eres de México

    Sociable overall, while I don't agree with you on some issues, doesn't change that you're a kind hearted person.

    • A-HUEVO <3

      Aww, I try to <3 but my evilness sometimes can't control itself :(
      you don't agree with what exactly?

    • I'm a conservative catholic, I'll let you figure that one out lol

    • oh, got you haha that says it all, it's easier to say what you agree with XD

  • You fantasise about Penis in Vagina. #truestory

  • Umm I'm confused. Explain exactly what you mean.

    • facts about me, period, just that lol

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    • oh no, I won't try, you're 100% right!

      michael says hello, tho, this donkey misses you so much!

    • Haha tell him hi. I miss him too!

  • You are hot, you like cool music and you are a very good writer :)

  • You're hot.
    You like to party.
    You almost got crushed by a fat guy while trying to have sex with said fat guy.

  • you're a bisexual mexican girl, and you're from Cancun

  • 1. You are a bi.
    2. You are learning chinese.
    3. You stopped using G@G once because you were failing subjects.
    4. You are multilingual...


  • You look like 90% like a younger version of my aunt. And when I say 90% , I am not exaggerating.

  • Mexican bi horny virgin girl :P
    Funny - open minded as fuck xD
    Sub with guys and dom with girls
    U are into kinky stuff ;)
    Ah and u are a fucking gag addict who gasp for Xper :P

  • @polocrew he's so big and jacked, definitely going pro at nfl

  • I know a fact about Amy (@WhatTheHellAmy) she's pretty, she's witty, and she's dirty hahahahhaha (just kidding Amy, about the last one)

  • I know you're purty. ;)

  • You're the definition of sexy

  • I don´t know you that much, but:
    You are from México
    You´re Bisexual
    You´re funny
    Open minded
    You like kink porn

  • You got a purty mouth, Dawg.

  • -likes BIG JOBS
    -Party animal
    -super friendly

    • hahahahaha big jobs! thought you would forget after all this time XD

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    • My evil side tells me I should pay attention to people :D

    • well, having free time is better than having no time lol

  • I don't really know you, only see you in passing but I think you are bisexual...

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What Girls Said 14

  • You're from Mexico

  • - there are no taboos for you
    - you're a virgin
    - you live in Cancun 😍
    - there's a teacher at your school that you like (not LIKE LIKE!! XD)
    - you're an extrovert
    - you seem to like parties
    - you used to be an xper hunter and tried to reach Guru and editor status as fast as possible 😂
    - you're confident

    • whoaaa, you know me very very well

      and that teacher... I have a secret for you I LIKE LIKE LIKE LIIIIKE him <3 XD but he's gay and he is way older than me. But if he would be into me maybe I'd do something with him hahaha

      you like cancun, huh? you should come!!!

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    • OMG Amy, lmao 😂😂 I guess then the only thing that's left for you to do is to fantasise about him! 😛

      Yes, Cancun looks dreamy! I'd love to visit one day!

    • sadly :( I can't make him hetero... or a pedo XD

      hopefully you can come!

  • You are Aquarius in horoscope, you are from Cancun, you want to become a vegan, you like rap music and fantasy literature & movies... nuff said :D

    • truuee, but I'm giving up with the vegan thing :( too dam. difficult haha

      you have many bothers I think
      you are a tough girl
      you love chocolate
      you like eurodance and synth pop I think
      you like martial arts

    • Bothers?
      Yeah, I am ;)
      Obviously, LoL :P
      Yes, true again...
      Of course, Im a Kung Fu girl 😎👍

    • oh man XD brothers* hahaha

  • You're from Mexico, still a virgin but have done other kinds of kinky acts, and bisexual.

  • Haha why did you randomly add me into there? xD But Ily baby girl <3

  • I don't know much... But when I read ur comments they are usually funny lol

  • bi, fun, open minded, wild, nice, sweet, horny, smart, cool person overall

  • - Fun
    - Bi
    - Mexican
    - You wanted to reach master level. I remember you posting a question about it when you first joined
    - You use "XD" a lot
    - Young, wild, and free!
    - Social
    - Typical teenager who wants to try the craziest stuff

    • 4. and I still want to XD
      5. and lol hahaha
      8. because life is short :(

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    • and you have been in an online relationship for a long time

    • Pretty much accurate, ty hun :)

  • You are one of the funniest people I know on this site #Fact
    You're mexican
    You're bisexual
    You know a bunch of languages (I think) :P
    You wanna be an actress or something.
    Fellow potterhead <3
    You like Batman too 😍

    • yoooooooooooou <3 hahaha

      I only speak Spanish and English :( but I'm learning mandarin and french

      - you love anime
      - you love video games
      - you're very open minded too
      - you have or had a bi boyfriend
      - you're straight but bi romantic I think
      - you like to protect your identity XD

    • Yes. You got that right :)

  • You sooo active GAGer so yeah I noticed you
    -into Casual sex
    -Saudi girls are reason why you are feminist
    Those what I saw until now 😂

    • whoa, impressive, you're right, but I identify myself as an egalitarian now.

      Sorry I don't know anything about you, mind introducing yourself?

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    • hhh Oo yeah 😂 HIIIGH FIVE HUN 🖐🏼

  • you are funny, you hate trump and you're still in high school but very mature :D

  • You are from the south of Mexico, you don't like tamales.

    • hahaha truuue!

      in one of my mytakes you said you wanna learn Mando'a and Shyriiwook, you like mexican food I think, and I sense you love variety and cultures as I do :D

      polish is a great language by the way, I find it very interesting and difficult haha

  • You run an account in GAG names WhatTheHellAmy and you're a human.
    Hahaha. :)

  • You're:

    A crack head
    A Funny Martha Focker
    Pimp fo dem hoes
    Hoe fo dem pimps
    All out of fucks to give
    Heterosexaul lesbian Mexican

    That's all I got. ✌

    • How the fuck did I accidentally post that anonymously 😂😂😂

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    • Yup. I'm 20.

      A twin
      A junior at the University of Tennessee
      A former competitive cheerleader
      A sarcastic wench


    • you have a twwwiiin, that's a great fact!

      I knew the sarcastic thing, you sarcastic fellow <3

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