Is it possible to be banned from commenting on YouTube completely?

It keeps saying unable to post comment when I try posting on any youtube video even my own. I tried switching to another account and it works fine. So is it possible to be banned completely from commenting on youtube?


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  • Yes, I think repeated violation of their terms can result in a permanent ban. It had happened to my previous bandmate, who had uploaded a bunch of porn clips.

    • You're right i just checked my email. I've been banned for 2 weeks

    • Just too weeks? My ex-bandmate got a permanent ban. Worst part is, he also had our band videos on there, and with his account, everything was wiped!

      But that was back in 2008, so maybe they have changed their policies now.

    • He was probably uploading videos. I don't upload any bids I just comment other people videos. I must have got mob flagged