Shouldn't the real villain in ''Beauty and the Beast'' be the encantress?

I know this is just a cartoon but now that I'm much older and just analized the film more, in my opinion I think the real villain is none other than that encantress bitch and not Gaston (that guy is just a controlling jerk but didn't reach villain level).

Honestly, I don't blame the prince (before he was cursed by her) for rejecting the encantress when she disguised herself as a scary old woman and closing the door in her face. I would react that same way if a creepy old man all of the sudden knock on my door, with a weird rose and wanted shelter. If I don't know you, why should I let you in and trust you?

What if it's someone crazy. I've heard on the Investigation Discovery that there have been a couple elderly people that kill too when you are too trusting.

Secondly, what did the others in the castle had to do with the prince's action? She took it out on others. That in my view is someone really vindictive and cruel. I don't approve of the encantress' acts.

If any creepy old man or woman came knocking at my door, yes I would react similar to the prince too.
In addition, when she showed up in her true form the prince did begged for forgiveness. Unlike the encantress, at least the beast spared Gaston, basically the second chance the beast was never given.


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  • The main villian isn't supposed to be Gaston, but the value society places on beauty. This is seen when the whole tavern sings about how great Gaston is, dispite him being an arse pick.

    They needed a way to show the prince being infected with that same poor belief, so they used the old woman, someone with no value to societies eyes.

    But ya, kind of a twat she was


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  • When I was older I realized that too. The beast was 21 for most of the movie and it was a ten year curse, meaning she cursed an eleven year old. Doesn't make gaston any less of an egotistical prick though.


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  • Yes. Yes I think so... Hahaha xD

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