Why do I get nervous when people look at me?

I don't know y or when this started but i get really nervous & uncomfortable when people look at me for a long time , especially guys in particular. Its like when i walk into a room full of people , or when i walk past a group of guys/girls, they make me nervous & I don't know what to do. Sometimes because i get really nervous & my heart starts to beat fast, i mask my nervousness/anxiety with a serious face although i dont mean to. Why do i get so nervous & tense? seems like its getting worse & worse by the day! help 😢

How do i get over this fear or being stared at


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  • You don't know what they are thinking. Maybe it's something positive or maybe it's something negative. You possibly have insecurities and are worried that they are they are thinking something negative about you.
    Try to understand that not all attention is on you. So not everyone is thinking about you. At least not at all times. It's their problem if they got negative thoughts.

    • i no but see thats the thing , i no when guys stare at me there usually thinking something positive so my fear is not what they think negatively. I just still get nervous when i get stared at, especially if its a group of guys

  • It's because you're insecure


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