Is it my subconscious again?

So.. Last night I had a dream of my crush (boy on the bus) and the dream felt lucid b/c the setting is like occuring exactly where my house is and where my neighbor across the street is. Anyways, this is the second time having a dream of him.

1st dream: us in a relationship.
2nd dream: He is at my neighbor's house and he can't confront his feelings towards me so he rights it on card board big and bold in red "I LOVE YOU" continues from there trying to sort things out.

This one person said "maybe it's a sign to start dating again after you've been heartbroken?" Others say"just a dream" This is happening quite often now. I would think of others that I may like but I don't get dreams. These mind things are confusing. Opinions?


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  • That's not lucid dreaming. Lucid dreams are where you realize that you're dreaming and you have some control over other people and environment of the dream.

    What dreams consist of are your fears, your worries, your thoughts, and your desires. Dreams hold no special meaning, not are do they tell the future, not are they "magical", as most people think. You have a desire to be with your crush and you think about him often, so it is completely normal for your crush to appear in your dreams. It's not a sign to date him, it's just someone who is on your mind often. Your dreams reconstruct a bizarre and twisted environment that represent your inner thoughts and emotions.

    • Sorry, this this phone is difficult to type on. I meant "nor ".

  • Sounds like the music video for Taylor swifts you belong with me😂


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