Anybody else on here in Alaska?

I live in Alaska just wanted to see if any one else does cuz it's late and I had one more question slot open.
Also where? Don't have to be specific, just say what city or area.

I live in kodiak.


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  • Nope FL boy in the house Mr 305 my brother was born there


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  • WOW!!!

    Pleeeeeease tell me absolutely everything about Mt Denali.

    • ie: Have you ever climbed it?

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    • Mt Denali's summit was a very real goal of me and my hiking friends until we all watched a personal doco on this and realised that, despite all of our mountaineering experience, we were totally out of our depth.

      I will come for all the other tracks in Mt Denali National park though. These I KNOW I can do :)

      Do you have any tips for an Australian visiting Alaska for the first time?
      What are the best and worst things about living in Alaska?

    • The best thing about Alaska? Hmm. That's hard there are a lot of things that I love about it. Sometimes I like getting lost (not seriously lost, just kinda wondering around an area that I semi know how to get out of or back to a landmark that I know.) I also love the mountains I went to the states once for a family wedding and it was nice but I couldn't stand the flatness of it all. The mountians make me feel protected some how. The worst thing? You never know what to expect. (It's not that bad of a thing it's more of an inconvenience) The weather can be very unpredictable depending on where you are. The terrain can be brutal if your caught in a bad suitiation.

      But Australia! Dang! That sounds fun! You guys have some of the coolest animals over there!

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  • What's the highest temperature in your city at summer? Does Alaska really really that cold?

    • In my city the highest temperature it reached was 74 degrees but that was an unusually hot summer the average temperature for summer it's usually around 65 degrees

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    • Yes Fahrenheit, sorry I forgot to specify.
      It's not that cold I've gotten use to it.

    • Haha, okay then.
      The lowest temperature in my city I've ever known is 26 degrees Celsius.
      It's nice to talk to you and know something about Alaska. :)