I'm going to my psychiatrist today. Should I ask for Prozac?

I just want to stop hurting and stop wanting relationships. I want something that will eliminate my sex drive but not make me apathetic at work.

I'm currently on celexa, but it's not working anymore. I've had numerous emotional breakdowns lately.

I decided to go with wellbutrin, which shouldn't kill off my sex drive. She talked me out of that.


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  • No and hell no.
    Prozac contains fluoride, which will (over time) turn you into a retard.
    Each SSRI has a different effect, so, if you have a diagnosable condition, some medications would be appropriate, others not.
    I use an anti-depressant called Avanza. It may, or may not, be appropriate for your condition.
    One of the side effects of Avanza is that it reduces the sex drive to almost zero.

    • She gave me Wellbutrin. Against my better judgement, I'm going to try to find someone, still. Some days I wonder if I should just casually date instead of looking for something deeper.

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    • I've only dated from people I met online.

    • Therein may be part of the problem.
      Meeting people on line is not a formula for success.
      If you want a woman in your life, you need to get out and meet women.
      When I was your age I found old-fashioned introduction agencies to be a big help. These agencies are still around. They have a physical office and want people to go there for an interview.
      They match you with people with whom they think you may click. In sales, they would call it prequalifying prospects.
      You also know that the female you meet is looking, just as you are. You both know why you are there. All that remains is to determine whether or not there is mutual attraction. If so, take it from there and see what happens.

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  • Please stop hurting sweety, you should join a gym... lift weights put all of your worries and troubles into working hard. It helps... a lot!!

    • It won't help with the underlying reasons for my depression and anxiety.

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    • Have you ever been dumped or cheated on?

    • No, but I'm small enough to worry.

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  • May as well give it a shot

  • Let the psychiatrist decide. There much better ssri s than Prozac now.

    • I want one that will eliminate my sex drive.

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    • There are plenty out there that will shoot a sex drive down cold...

    • We settled on wellbutrin. She talked me out of killing my sex drive.

  • Forget pills they will kill you. Try Cannabis (as long as you live in a good area)

    • My job isn't worth losing over that.

    • that's the only fucked up thing about Cannabis. It stays in your system for a very long time. I fear losing my job because of it too. I haven't indulged much at all in the last few months but I am still at risk for taking a dirty piss. But I feel that my own well being is more important than any job (I have a good job too btw) Also I tried wellbutrin before when I was quitting nicotine, and that pill gave me the weirdest dreams ever imaginable.

  • Tell the Dr that. What side effects you want to avoid.. He'll figure something out for you.

    • I WANT the side effects, though.

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    • This is my therapist.

    • I want to find a medication that kills off my sex drive. I don't care if it's permanent.

  • Screw that Smoke some weed watch funny videos. Have even you tried masturbing? It works wonders...

    • I don't want any desire. Masturbation reminds me of why I'm single.

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    • Also... get a therapist to help with your emotional issues.

    • @dudeinohio this is my therapist. She talked me into trying wellbutrin instead

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