Which phone should I get? An android or an iPhone?

My contract is finally up, and I can qualify for a new phone now, so I need help deciding. I like androids and iPhones equally. I've heard that an android takes better pictures, and that they're "better" to play games with, but I did enjoy using my sister's iPhone. It runs much faster than my android did.
Another thing I like about iPhones is where the buttons are located; I like having the off button at the top, because then I am less likely to accidentally press it (I had an android that STOPPED working simply because the off button was too worn down).
However, I do enjoy the android's method of transferring files. I could easily connect it to my computer and import/export files. Since I am currently using my sister's phone, I cannot sync the iPhone to my iTunes account, because it will delete all her stuff. Androids rely on an actual, accessible folder, to manage files, instead of some software that updates constantly.
So, which should I get? And why?

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  • iPhone
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  • Apple sucks, ANDROID ALL THE WAY

    • How so?

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    • That's true. I hate that iTunes is required. I've never liked it and I hardly understand it.

    • exactly so don't make the horrible mistake of buying an iphone lol

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  • Google is not reliable. Apple all the way.

    • I haven't had any reliability issues with google

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    • Not a single one. I use samsung

    • I have never replaced one due to crashes. It doesn't crash, but it gets really slow and sometimes freezes. I figured that was normal. The only problem I had was that you can't use it for more than a few years. I had mine for 3 or 4, and the off button was pressed in so far that I can NEVER turn the phone on again. That is also normal, though... Stuff doesn't last forever.