Let's play a game, a zodiac game?

The goal of this game is to solve for which zodiac sign I am with the help of 3 questions of your choice. You may ask me ANY 3 questions.. and after this, determine which zodiac sign you think I may be. The first of each gender to solve correctly will win the mho :) and my admiration haha

Let the game begin


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  • Fixed or Mutable?

    Is the sign a animal?

    Compatability with Aquarius?

    • Fixed, yes.

      Yes, and animal.

      That is debatable. I have heard more bad than good. In my eyes they can be horrible together, or they can be amazing together.

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    • Thanks and I'm just use to these types of games. My niece's love asking people what their sign is and if some one refuses they are like I get to ask 3 questions if we can guess what it is you have to get us ice cream xD (They are twins) they haven't failed yet lol. Plus I'm in the crazy relationship with aquarius and scorpio. (I'm Aquarius.)

    • Wow cool!

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  • Any questions? So couldn't we ask you your date of birth?

    • Obviously not that >.<

    • Too late to change the rules now :P

    • Okay... My birthday is the 30th of October, which makes me a Scorpio. Happy? You pissed me off, congratulations.

  • birthday?

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