What happened to the dislike button?

I was a member a while back.

I kind of miss it. It brought some controversy and... life to the site.


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  • Things that have changed (depending on how long ago you were a member):
    -- They removed follow question/mytake feature, but they said they were going to put it back. Still skeptical considering how long they've been saying that :|

    -- There are no more downvotes/upvotes. There are only "likes." However, they said they were going to add back in downvotes. No idea how long it will be though.

    -- There are two sections now for mytakes in the feed: "myTakes" just has featured ones, but "All myTakes" has featured and non featured in it.

    -- CLOSED QUESTIONS. Something that has changed big time. Now questions close after inactivity for 48 hours. When something is closed, people can no longer put opinions on it, they can only put comments.

    -- Oh, and comments are now officially called "replies."

    -- Various small site changes in terms of looks.

    -- You can't donate to charity with your xper anymore.

    I'm sure there are more, but that's the stuff I can think of off the top of my head.


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  • They said they are going to bring it back in the next update I guess

  • They keep saying that they're going to bring it back, but as usual, the admins lie.

    • Lol people seem to hate the admins these days...

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    • It's addictive, man.

    • Yup. I was six months sober!

  • It vanished as many people want to keep it a happy circus on here, no downers.
    Except those are actually the depressive crowd writing takes back and forward about "what to say, what not say". Of course you cannot dislike it, so they will lead a happier life with a couple of "likes" they receive thinking they're changing the world.
    But yeah, to answer your question, it disappeared, poof.

    • That's what I've noticed, there used to be like twenty likes and ten dislikes on many opinions. Now there is maybe one like.

      It sucks.

    • Exactly, there's no discussion.
      They went ahead and attributed all the downvotes to anonymous trolls, but I think regular users were making use of it the most.

      So many opinions and myTakes I would have downvoted today if I could, lol.

    • Lol yeah. Not a big fan of myTakes anyway. It's cool for people to present their material, but the genius of this site is in the questions in my opinion.

  • GaG sucks. That's what.

  • it just dissapeared, not only like or leave


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  • Like all the good functions it was replaced with something shite

  • People were getting offended by downvotes, and the admin decided to cater for the butthurt people.

    • Wise people, those admins. One should always cater to the most vocal group. Peace above all.