First Job interview ever Advice?

This is my first one and I am going to admit that I id lie on my resume and say that I have many jobs before (which were volunteering) I am usually good at winging things but when things start not going the way that I planned that is what messes me up. I try my hardest not to seem scared or nervous but that is kind of hard to do when you know that someone is waiting for you to mess up so that they can reject you. I really do not want to lose this opportunity or make myself seem not fit for this position. I have been studying for this interview for 3 months non stop researching questions and reading all about their company but nothing seems to stick in my head because I am just so nervous. I really hope that they ask all of the questions that I can answer because a lot of the times when someone asks me a question I will not understand it and have to ask them multiple times to rephrase the questions and they tend to get annoyed because I do not understand. I just want to do my best but it seems like the harder I try not to mess up the more that it is easier for me to mess up. I say that if all fails just come out and tell them the truth in a very conviencing manner (like I am telling them a speech or something important) because I am good at giving speeches. Ex:If someone told me that a cat is just a plain cat I would tell them "The cat may be ordinary but the cat had a dream all it wanted was to be the best mouse catching cat that ever lived and with it's beautiful fur it can hide anyway waiting for the sneaky mouse to try and escape so that it can catch it and feed it to the poor little baby kittens that it just gave birth to just to keep them alive because it is a loving beautiful mother cat" Advice?


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  • Hun. Relax. Just have the idea in your head; "I'm going to get the job"... and make your flaws become strengths! Wear a nice blouse and dressy pants. Wear neutral makeup. Wear your hair how you would if you were going to dinner. Confidence/fake confidence is key. Remember you are: Smart, Strong, Beautiful, Determined, worthy of this job!!!

  • Are you saying you volunteered in past and put it down as "work experience"? Technically, volunteering is a type of work experience. So that shouldn't be too big a deal. Just point out at the interview that those were volunteer positions. Now, if you put on your resume places you never worked/volunteered before that's different.

    Now advice:
    1) rehearse - have a friend, parent, or someone from career services do a dry-run interview with you for critique
    2) have a list of questions memorized that you want to ask the company. you can also ask questions about the company as they come up in the interview, if appropriate. a good interview should have a conversation feel, not interrogation feeling.
    3) check out an interview how-to book and read through how you should answer tough questions

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