Guess my zodiac sign using just 3 personal questions?

EXCLUDING any questions relating to WHEN I was born (ie: what season? What month? When were you born? Etc.)

feel free to ask any personal question that can evaluate my sign. First boy and girl to win get mho of course.

And also, don't ask questions about my sign for example: "is your sign an air sign?" Or "is your sign human or an animal?"

The key is to figure out how my traits could connect to my sign. Thank you.


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  • when you were born, and what month. ?

    • Can you please speak properly? Are you asking when I was born or are you trying to clarify my rules?

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  • When you look at your birth certificate, what is the date on it? What are your three most favorable traits? What is your favorite movie/book/video game?

    • My favorite traits in someone are 1. Loyal 2. Understanding and 3. Daring

      My favorite movie is The Corpse Bride my favorite book is Rage by Stephen King and my favorite video game is Silent Hill or Guitar Hero. :)

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