How do you feel about people who talk about you?

My EX-coworkers apparantley STILL talk badly about me.
Calling me a "liar" just because I did not feel like explaining myself completely to them.
There are some things I keep reserved.
It's weird knowing I am an overall very likeable person.. yet there's some people still talking bad about me.
I am not used to this.


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  • I dont give a flying fuck. I was done with pleasing people a long time ago.

    • I need your attitude haha. Its disturbing and its always on my mind.. which is really sad tbh.
      Its unnerving to think they are probably going around telling people awful things about me and then those people will not like me either.
      Just uncomfortable and making me learn a lot though

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  • You don't have prove anything to them and keep being reserve. They are just mad cause you go to work to do just that WORK! Another thing is you aren't falling for their tricks that they all try to use to meddle. Sounds like someone is jealous of your intelligence and work ethic. Just smile and laugh at them to yourself at work but stay focus. Let them see your happy and don't give a dam about what they think. Eventually they will get over it.

  • Sometimes you have to explain yourself fully, even if you don't feel like it.

    I usually find it amusing though.

    • Lol it is funny.

      And I agree with you. but you do not have to explain yourself if people aren't willing to listen and hear you out. That's when I don't even bother anymore. Waste of time.

    • In those situations is best to just go about your business like you don't care and eventually you won't. Sometimes, no matter what you do, people just won't listen or care about what you have to say so it's best not to waste your time on it.

  • People who still talk about others are stuck in the past. I think they feel like things were left unfinished or unanswered and that's why they keep dwelling on it.

    • I was going through a rough time in my life and they were not hearing me out. I don't completely blame them; I definitely was a little questionable. But I was the one who took initiative and appraoched EACH AND EVERY ONE of them to have a talk and try to explain myself.
      They ended up not listening to me and forming a circle against me.
      I was upset for a while but what's the use. From then on, they kept trying to find something about me to talk about. Stalking my facebook. etc. So I blocked them all on there because I wanted to keep personal and work life separate, and I knew they'd just find something new to talk about.
      That upset them and made them more suspicious of me. I even explained why I did that to them. Lol.
      When people gossip about you so much, all you wanna do is limit their ability to gossip about you as much as you can... even if it means blocking them from your life.

    • I see what you mean. If it's hard to ignore then blocking is prolly the next best option. I hope things get better for you!